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shut the F@#% up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i will start off and say that my name is Nick and i play for the wanee hurricanes. i love the game of football and i never thought i would ever get to strap on pads again. i thank Steve Rulli and Big John for that.

that being said. i have never heard so much trash talking. we are out there to play a game we all obviously love and to put on a show for FAMILIES!!!!! there are little kids and women everywhere. some of this stuff is totally uncalled for. there are no "gangsters" on a football field. shut up and play. have fun. i'm not talking about any specific team and i am not saying that the hurricanes are completely without guilt, i'm just saying lets have some class. i hope i'm not the only one and if i somehow offended anyone i'm sorry. good luck to everyone and play like you did when you were 8 and it was fun! god bless

Re: shut the F@#% up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are right. We even had one of my own kc mustangs player grab one of the pirates last nite who didnt have a helmet on and took a swing at him. It was rediculous.

Re: shut the F@#% up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i look forward to seeing the mustangs in a couple weeks. i understand what you mean. not to break away from the convo but i can express how proud i am of our own #10 when he was brought up in the running conversation for best wide out and he was totally humble. a kid with that much talent being gracious seems to be very rare. in the words of will farrel..... keep it classy san diego! haha

Re: shut the F@#% up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

embarassed mustang you dont have to tell me who you are now but i would like to know who you are at practice. ill admit i was in the middle of the scuffle at the end of the game. cause there was one pirate and two mustangs at the botton of the pile and i was trying to help them ALL up pirates and mustangs. a pirate guy shoved me and hit me then i retaliated by pushing him back. i didnt swing or saw who did. but i do appologize to every one for being in the fight that caused the game to be called.