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Football and the lessons we learn from it.

I have posted on many issues on this board over the past 7 years off and on but todays issue seems more serious than most. Issues of race can be extra fustrating because its not something as people we choose. We coose to be good or bad people not based on our race but on our upbringing and our decisions. That being said i understand the players fustration with what happend last night. I chose to stay away from the mix up on the field as did alot of my team mates and so did most of the pirate players. i didnt not hear what was said, and if it is true i fully understand his reaction. In no way am i condoning anyones actions. I saw several players equaly on both side do things i as a player am not proud of. Refs, coaches, players all need to hold our to a higher standard. I agree with some of what was said about refs needing to be held to a higher standard. last week i got heated with a ref when he agreeded he missed a call but still didnt do anything to change it. but regardless of the call the refs didnt score 29 points on us in the first half, a well prepared Blaze team did. if we hadnt dug that hole as players the blown call wouldnt have mattered. that is what all this boils down to. i remember getting 10 false start calls called against us in a game we won by at least 40 points. they were terrible calls but when you win the calls dont matter. If a ref steped over the line and said something racist that needs to be delt with asap. but as players and coaches we need to remember that in the course of a game or even a season bad calls tend to even out. the only sure way to avoid this is to not let these calls mean anything. coaches and players should argue bad calls, bobby cox has made a career of it, but the only answer is to play through it and win. i really do feel sorry for the player who had that happen to him, it is far from unacceptable. i also feel sorry for the ref that his life has lead him to think that way.

Re: Football and the lessons we learn from it.

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Re: Football and the lessons we learn from it.

You have a very valid point. I play for the Pirates(#88) and what transpired was embaressing and made me sick to my stomach. I've been replaying that event over and over in my mind. I have been playing organized sports since I was 8yrs old(Now 32yrs old) and never seen anything like it. I agree with the statement when you said that players just need to play through the bad calls. The one thing that I wanted to add to what you said is that, we as players need to understand that with every action comes a reaction. If we act in a respectable manner and learn to control our emotions, events like what took place this past Saturday would never happen. The ref's job is to call the game in a non-biased manner. If the ref's can't do that, then that is something that he has to live with when he looks at himself in the mirror the next morning. Our job as players is to play this game of football in the best way that we know how; like we love it as much as we say that we do. With that said, I think that we all just need to respect the game that we love, respect the fans that love to watch us play, and play the game as it was intended for us to play. Best of luck to everyone on the remainder of their season!!!