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I Was wondering why we dont have the stats on the LEAGUE website.. Or if we could somehow get every team to post stats either Sundays or the following week.. It would be nice to see season stat leaders in all categories.. I myself, and I'm sure Many others, wonder about other teams stats or "stud" players.. Maybe SUPAFAN can make something happen?

On that note, who is leading the league in tackles... INT's.. Sacks.. What do other teams have to say about the other teams DEFENSE or players?

Re: STATS..?

The accuracy of rec football stats are "questionalble" at best.

We take all of ours off of film, we shoot both wide and tight views of each game. However, not all teams film their contests, and not all teams have trained statisticians.

All "stats" become are points for arguments, and Lord knows this sport needs no fuel for that fire.

Good luck and good health.

Re: STATS..?

Understandable.. I guess I am new to this league this year. And the previous league kept stats and that's how your "best" players were leaked out and that's how the ALLSTAR games were chosen..