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Outlawz and Force film.

Me and coach Liles are going to break down Outlawz and Force film once we get the film on the game (might have to wait until Saturday.) We will break it down play by play check out the penalties and look for any missed calls. Force players are more than welcome to watch it with us. I think it's a good idea they have someone come watch it with us.

Re: Outlawz and Force film.


I appreciate the offer to breakdown film with you all and if schedules allowed me to do so I could be there in a heartbeat. My situation with the referees was not the penalties, like I have said before I officiate and penalties are penalties whether they are seen or not. Every official misses them, me included. My situation is the lack of rules that this crew was informed of. Which is a situation that is being addressed by the head of officials and the league board.

I will say that the crew lacked much knowledge of our modified league rules and that is what I will seek to be changed.

We could breakdown film all day, I have watched the film tonight and earlier today and I will say that most of the penalties that the Force committed were unforced penalties. False starts and things of that nature. The holding and other things such as the helmet to helmet contact (was not helmet to helmet contact but rather spearing which was not called correctly because helmet to helmet contact was not made) were not assessed correctly.

Please feel free to call me I have no issues with the Outlawz whatsoever. I just want to get this issue with this particular crew figured out.


Andrew Davis
MW Force, President