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A dead horse

Ok , you guys can talk about this until you are blue in face , or completly crazy. The fact of the matter is this is semi pro football , calls are gonna be missed , calls are not gonna go your way. This has been the consistant part of Our game since Ive been around. The only way it will ever be close to right is if the IFL puts together there own officials strictly IFL rules, IFL games only . There are to many sets of plaing rules , and the type changes by crew practically . As for the racial slurs they happen , sad but true I have seen it first hand , some folks are brought up that way , we see it n life everyday, you just got to let it go, the hate will be accounted for on judgement day. Until then play the game as hard as you can and long as you can because one day you will wish you where out there gettin called for a hold , instead of sitting in bleachers alone wishing it was u out there.

Re: A dead horse

Amen brother!!!!!!

Re: A dead horse

Well said.