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Week 3 CRFL

I am going to start doing my own predictions for the CRFL only. I have my reasons why I am a CRFL fan (MFL) fan so please don't knock me. It's still a semi-pro football league and I believe it needs someone like all the other leagues to support them and do predictions. I have played in the old MFL for years so I know the league and teams that are still there. I have followed the new teams as well so I believe my predictions will be alright and not just someone throwing numbers out there. But anyway, here's the three games. Which I believe will be all blow-outs as well.

Raiders @ Force
The Raiders proved what I said last week against the Renegades. I mentioned in Sports Reporters post that they would not get shut out and they definately didn't. However I was wrong because I thought the Renegades was going to pull it through but the Raiders showed they have the talent to still be a football team. The Force looks just like they did when they first came into the MFL a couple years ago and will have a season much like that one. They haven't scored yet this season and I do not see them scoring in this one either. The Raiders will run with this one and never look back. Raiders 35 Force 0

Patriots @ Renegades
The Patriots are the team to beat this year and the only team that has the chance will be the Blitz. The Blitz will have to get better and throw some things in there the next time those two teams go. But back to these two teams. The Patriots have a lot of new faces on the team but with a strong team and a good coaching staff, they are back on top of the league like they have been in the past. The Renegades have a lot of talent on their team but will show in this game that they are a first year team. There was a lot of talk about them having a tough preseason and then turning around and shutting out the Force. But then was the Force they shut out. They turned around and lost a close game to the Raiders. I like the Renegades talent, but they won't have anything on the Patriots. I will give them a courtesy score but that is it. Patriots 42 Renegades 6

Dark Knights @ Blitz
I agree with the Sports Reporter when he said the Dark Knights chose the right league to be in this year. It's hard to say right now on what the Dark Knights have and don't have. They got shut out 72-0 against the Patriots, but then turned around and shut out the lowly Force. I believe they will be able to score on some teams and even get a win but not against the Blitz. The Blitz are the only team that can give the Patriots a run for it and they will show the Dark Knights how good their defense is. Also, the Dark Knights has to travel to the Blitz so that makes this game even uglier. Dark Knights 0 Blitz 28