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REFS!!!...Great Job!

Last night in Brazil, we got outplayed by a very good Wildcat team. From top to bottom, they played very well. Kudos to them!

However, I usually help coach, I had to suit up last night because of the lack of depth we had (FYI it was a blast, regardless of the score). I just want to comment that the REFS for THIS GAME WERE AWESOME!!! I don't remember exactly the gentleman's name that was the head official, but they were GREAT!!! They let us play football!!! There were less than 10 flags the whole game and the game was ran smoothly on their part! IF THERE IS A CREW THAT SHOULD COACH IN THE PLAYOFFS AND THE CHAMPIONSHIP, IT WAS THE CREW FROM THE WILDCAT AND FORCE GAME!!!


Re: REFS!!!...Great Job!

I thought I would give the ref crew some credit for a job well done on last night. Its been a lot of bad mouthing on the ref's thought it was good idea to show them some love... By the way great sportsmanship by both teams. SayMyName3Times
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