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bashing the IFL

i am the owner of the hurricanes and this is are first year in the league and i have nothing negative to say about the league. this league is like any other organization with enough negative thinking you can find fault in anything if things are found that needs changing than lets bring them to the floor and change them. also all the talk about the generals well take it for what you think it is because i have the utmost respect for them or any other team that can win as they do this type of competition only makes the rest of the teams better they beat are team on our home opener by a score of 34 to 13 but we came out of the game with a moral victory and are still the only team to have scored on them and allowed the least amount of points scored so thank you JT and keep up the great work and congrats to all your players and good luck the rest of the season. and good look to all the other teams as well. a special thanks goes out to Tom Marsh and the Wolf Pack and to the entire BLAZE orginization for welcoming us to your fields and playing a great football game and doing it with respect for the game and the fans and players and showing great sportsmanship as well THANK YOU

Re: bashing the IFL

tell em big john!