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congrats to the the generals and wolfpack representing the interstate football league well in the national rankings. generals at 15 and wolfpack at 25. keep it up.

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I agree and say congratulations to both these fine teams and organizations, their players and coaching staffs.
I want to remind them that they have worked very hard to get to this point and while the rankings are nice they won't mean a thing if they don't take care of business each week.
This has been a very good year in the I.F.L with several very good teams.
The playoffs this season should be fun to see, teams that make it are going to give it their all and hope to march to the Interstate Bowl, one thing is certain it will be a dog fight and the team that wants that ship is going to have to earn it.

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Great Job men!


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in the south, a dogfight? really, the second place was beat by the first place team 52-0. and they gotta play them again at home. a dogfight i think not. in the north its anybodys game. all playoff games there should be good.