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Interstate Football League playoffs

playoff teams and seeding is already officially set in stone in the south, it is not possible for the two time defending champs to make playoffs and force are eliminated as well. here it is

#1 Generals vs #4 pirates
#2 wildcats vs #3 outlaws

in the north the four teams in the playoffs are set with blaze def being the #3 seed and the mustangs def the #4 seed. this weeks game between hitmen and wolfpack will decide the #1 and 2 regardless what happens last week of season since all game will be cross division and out of division record cannot effect seeding.

the north playoffs should be very intresting and exciting to watch. i seriously think that any team can come away with the win except fact for home field advantage. the wolfpack, blaze and mustangs have the 3 best home field advantages in the league. should be fun to watch. be ware, mike whitaker making the playoffs is scary for any team, they are def not the same team that played the wolfpack week 1. the wolfpack is hurting with injuries, hitmen have prob the best overall defense in the north. blaze prob the best where it matters most(in the trenches). doesnt matter how you start season, its how you finish.sorry south teams, generals pretty much a lock for the championship but we will see how they do in that game with the north team def having the home field advantage and having played a much tougher schedule than the south teams. exciting couple weeks left. no matter who wins, lets home the I.F.L. is represented well and playing for a national championship.

Re: Interstate Football League playoffs

The 3rd and 4th spots are not set yet. A Pirates Win and a Outlawz lost this weekend would send the Pirates to the Wildcats and the Outlawz to the Generals.
A Pirates Lost and a Outlawz Lost would then be up to the following weekend where if both teams win or lose the outlawz would take the tie breaker.

Re: Interstate Football League playoffs

oh your right, i had just marked it down as a loss for you guys i guess seeing as theres no way in hell you can win esp with loosing alot of your best players to the renegaeds who helped beat the patriots. renegades def win the weak crfl now. its a shame, you guys should really forfeit your spot to the cutters. after the game they had with the generals, even losing deserve to make it over a team who some of its best players and have absolutely zero chance to win another game this season.

Re: Interstate Football League playoffs

Yes, we did lose a few good players but we also lost some bad chemistry from the mix. I remember playing the Wildcats in 2008 at our house. They showed up with like 15 players and were tough as hell. Remember, it's not the size of the dog in the fight--it's the size of the fight in the dog! Keep hating on us behind your screen name. I didn't realize that games were won on a message board. We'll keep playing football and keep giving you something to write about.

Good luck to the former Pirates/Renegades this week vs the Blitz. And best wishes to the 'Cats on safe travels to and from the Cove this Saturday.