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Great job Generals

Just want to tell the Generals great game yesterday you guys have a great team. I heard they practice twice a week and have a film and have about 50 players attend everything. Thats hard to get out of a semipro team I know a lot of teams in semipro have a lot of trouble getting all there players to a practice. Thats really impressive and a team with that high numbers and most of your players that dedicated deserves to win like they have been doing You guys are well coached and execute plays to perfection. Thanks for a clean and classy game yesterday and congratulations. Good luck the rest of the season

Re: Great job Generals

Thank you very much. We had a lot of fun playing you guys. You guys played hard the whole game. I know the score board didn't show it but you guys played a good game. A lot of the Generals who made the trip said we had more fun playing you guys then anyone else. The outlawz are a class act.
#49,#98,#51 and #2 are really good football players.
I also want to thank you guys for going above and beyond to try to get a field for us to play on. You could have said hey we can't play sorry your SOL but you guys was doing everything you could.
Good luck on the rest of the season.

Re: Great job Generals

I agree, You guys are very well organized team. I was very impressed with the amount of players you have how they were dressed and on the field in no time. Great team chemistry. Also thanks coach for handling the issue we had at hand. That was very proffessional and worthy. Also to Mr.Clawson, the Outlawz will be praying for you and your family.