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IFL picks - Playoff Edition

Allriiight! As they say, Been away, but now I’m back. Sorry for the delay kids, I had a sick family to tend to, schools back in session and leaf blowers are on sale.
( No jokes)
IFL Playoffs are here and NFL kickoff is at hand all in the same weekend so there is a 6 pack and ribs with my name and eventually, my hands on them.
But before that, we saw The Generals make a statement, on get on TV, The Wildcat D show up in full force, The Outlaws look very good and the Cutters end on a high note, amongst other things IFL.
I will be expecting a couple good games this playoff race, and getting better as they go, along with pancakes someone owes me!
So as I await the maple syrup, I pass along the predictions to you!!
South Play off Round 1
Pirates @ Generals
Ron Cali H.S. 7pm
The waves on the Pirate sea (son) have been rocky to say the least. I won’t go into detail because you already know what I mean.
Defensively, they are a pretty quick team, but the numbers and so forth make it hard for them to compete for 4 quarters.
What I love is players on the team that refuse to cave in despite what happened.
You can call this team anything you like, but quitters is NOT one of them. They also can get a deep ball on you from time to time with a strong armed QB and as said, one of the best LB cores around.
In time, this is going to be a much improved team.
The Generals put a smack down on a Hitmen team two weeks ago, and came out hitting the Generals way, jumping out early and not looking back.
The Offense is still looking unstoppable, and the D even scored on an INT in the1st quarter to get in on the act.
This wont be much of a serious contest, as JT shows no mercy, and the shows the undermanned Pirates the exit to the 2010 Season.
Generals 47
Pirates 6
South Playoff Round 1
Outlaws @ Wildcats
Brazil, IN 89m
If you saw the Wildcat game VS the Mustangs 2 weeks ago, if you don’t like doughnuts, they gave them one, and forced a turnover, 5 in fact, and NOT the apple variety.
I was tipped off to keep an eye on this D, and it was well earned advice. Although they give up some yards, they kept a hi powered Mustang O out of the end zone all game, not an easy feat.
The Offense did enough to get the 10 points and won a hard fought slugfest 10-0 and proved to be a more bruising bunch than thought.
This team has been lights out since the4 Generals game, and seems to be really making a serious bid for the ship. But what I love is I can’t hear them talking…but I SURE hear them hitting.
The Outlaws are coming off a spirited blowout from two weeks ago. And although it was against the Panthers, they didn’t seem to care.
They did NOT look at all as if they are ready to lay down and go home for anyone, and don’t expect it this week.
The D will step up and play hard, but the unfortunate thing is – it’s the Wildcats, and it’s in Brazil.
As hard as they will play, I can’t see them hanging around in the one, and I feel Landry will pick the secondary apart as the game goes on.
They will both play hard, but advantage goes to a growing powerhouse that is getting more powerful by the week.
Wildcats 29
Outlaws 10
North Playoff Round 1
Mustangs @ Wolfpack
West Noble HS 7pm
The topsy turvy season of the Mustangs lives on another week as they come in off the season of the loss to the Wildcats. Although they were blanked offensively, what’s been noticed has been the extreme emergence of the Mustang D. Quick and turnover happy, and they have one in every game this year and have score a few as well.
If they continue at this level, points will be hard to come by.
The question is, which Mustang Offense will show up?
The Wolfpack are as strong as anyone would suspect an undefeated team would be. Tough on both sides of the ball, despite a few key injuries this week.
The D had been very good when they need to and are the best in my opinion in the North and will need to be if Whitaker gets hot.
My Guess is the running will be a little tougher, but as a little birdie told me, special teams may be a factor.
This one will be closer, and one that I reserve the right to be wrong about, but the consensus is that the Pack will defend their home field advantage.  
Wolfpack 21
Mustangs 16
Playoff Round
Hitmen @ Blaze
Battle creek, MI 7:02 pm
The Hitmen coming off that pseudo thrashing, look to make sure the season they had is no all for not. If you think the game v.s. Generals was any indication of who they are, look hard at this game.
The D will be as rough as ever and will make running hard for the Blaze tailback, but the key is their own passing game. They need to keep the ball away from the Blaze secondary and control the clock as much as possible.
They are looking forward to getting back to the hard hitting football they are used to, and you can believe they will this game.
The Blaze are one of the best teams still, and make no mistake, they would LOVE to get revenge on the Hitmen from the earlier season loss.
The Running game will struggle, but will get some yardage when needed. The problem will be getting to the QB which few teams have really been able to do on the Hitmen.
They outmatch them in team speed, and the Blaze are also deeper in the bench.
That, being at home, and the thirst for the ring will get the Blaze into the second round, after a scare none the less.
Blaze 24
Hitmen 19
Well, that’s it kids. Gotta go get everyone better so I can make the trip to the game up north. I’m gonna see if I can whoop up some fan frenzy in Noble Co. as last time we grubbed out pretty hard up there.
C’mon Mr. Marsh, we expect some hot popcorn and maybe some cheese fries???
And make sure concessions has extra hot dogs, If you think I can eat, Doug (camera guy) is a virtual bottomless pit for anything between buns (no jokes).
That’s it folks. Be back for round two in a week. Ill have more time to get more in-depth and apologize for the briefer analysis, but the short week and new cold season don’t agree with the V clan at home.
HOWEVER - its great excuse to down a few vials of Nyquil (Anywhere there’s alcohol consumption in ANY form, there’s your pal Vince!)
 We'll be back in a week for round two...and as you know, nothing get your boy vince to come back like a second round of anything!!
I think that may be an issue later. But for now, bottoms up!!

Be safe, hit hard and stay focused- were all 0-0 now and this may be the last time some if you suit up ths year or ever again..
How do YOU wanna remember it?

Ya gotta love ths game!!


Re: IFL picks - Playoff Edition

Pretty accurate predictions, Vince! Each one correct and scores were pretty close, as well. Impressive! Do you get tape on every team? It's obvious that you're not just guessing!

#6 Moore played another good game against us. He's an excellent QB and I think #37 Dames is one of the IFL's best LBs. The Hitmen rallied for 21 in the 3rd period, after being down 17-0 at the half. No quit in those guys.

The Blaze D played well but gave up two long TD passes (77 and 80 yards). Crockett rushed 26 times for 134 yards and two TDs, while Hakes was 9 for 15 for 138 yards and a TD pass.

24-21, Blaze.

We are looking forward to Saturday's rematch with the Wolfpack. We hope to give their fans as entertaining a game as they gave ours, when they came to our place and we went to OT with them.

Re: IFL picks - Playoff Edition

He finally figured out the the cheap batteries were not the way to go with his Crystal Ball. Or he bought a new Magic Eightball.

Actually great job Vince... I am impressed. I was thinking about the game between my third and fourth 7/7. Then I cranked up KC and The Sunshine Band and the night continued.

Re: IFL picks - Playoff Edition

Thank you Kurtis.

We have a staff that attends each game (or as many as we can that week) and films. The we review the film and make the picks.

It certainly is not just myself that is involved, and please dont think an ex linebacker like myself is able to do this alone! ( Well, most ex LBs are smart enough, but then there's me )

We appreciate all the positive (and constructive) feedback we get and take it ery seriously, even though we have a ball when we do it.

Mr. Mike - I was wondering where the 'hits of the 70's" cassette tape went.

No kidding, my wifes car HAS a cassette player in it...not sure if it works( the cassette player I mean, not the car)


Re: IFL picks - Playoff Edition

Just wanted to say congrats to the Blaze.

Saturday was a lot of fun.

You guys are a class act and were definitely my favorite team to play against all year.

Lots of props to Crockett, as well as #69 and #66 on the Blaze O-line, just classy, fun guys to play against.

the only thing that sucked was the after game crap but that wasn't anybody on the field's fault, just dumbasses trying to get some attention.

Good luck this week and everybody play hard and stay healthy.

Re: IFL picks - Playoff Edition

Much respect to you too, #63. I agree...that's the way football should be played. The trash-talking and excuses take away from the beauty of this game, in my opinion.

You're only takes a couple of idiots to mess up a good thing.

I hope to see you and many other IFL players at the game Saturday, if convenient. I know that I am looking forward to the Title game at Trine U...whether the Blaze are in it or not.