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IFL is pathetic

Generals...... you guys realize that you played a bunch of nobodies this year and might as well be backyard football champs right? I would be embarrassed and ashamed if I couldn't put up the funds after being invited to play......but instead, all of you idiots are standing around squawking about how good you are. Anybody that knows football can see right through this. You have four months to raise the money. If you can't afford it, understandable, times are tough. Just shut up and stop calling teams to come to your cheap asses to play or they're scared haha. Sounds like the logic of a 4th grader trying to bait somebody into a fight. Would Alabama have played somebody between their last game and the National Championship game last year, no. It makes no sense for them to. If teams invited played a game in between and won, they would still get the invite and if they lost, they would probably still's a no-gain situation. You're already making excuses why you don't want to play next year for a pre-season game. Sounds like you just don't wanna play a team that will stomp and expose you.

Re: IFL is pathetic

Your a damn bum bro if you wont post your name or what team you are with.Who gives a shit about what you have to say about the generals your a damn nobody for real.GTFO of supa and go play some madden online or ncaa pos.Seriously man whats the point of posting this thread we gained enough credit and attention to have you post about us.So keep hating and we keep getting better.Thanks bum.

Re: IFL is pathetic

These dudes are going to keep doing this. Its like when you were a kid and you told someone they were scared because they wouldnt do something that you wanted them to if you made fun of them enough they did it. Well that is what is going on right now. We are gonna be called scrubs, they are gonna say we are scared, and whatever else they can think of.

If we did try to raise the money and couldnt we would be called liars or they would say when did we even accept. So just let them talk. Look at it this way its going to give us something to read in the off season lol.

Re: IFL is pathetic

Much respect to the Generals. Who gives a shit what some douchebag behind a fake screen name is saying. He's too much of a pussy to even put his real name. I didn't have the chance to play against you guys, but you're a top ten nationally ranked team for a reason. I hope you guys get to go and kick the shit out of ppl hating. Especially, this dumbass. Good luck Generals. Bring that National Championship back to Indiana.