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Hello to the "Future of Semi-Pro Football!"

I am very excited and so proud to announce the merger between two amazing leagues in the semi-pro football world - the Elite American Football League and the Mid Continental Football League! This has been in the works for some time now and it has taken much effort and a lot of support from both leagues to make it happen. I personally am so proud to represent all the member teams as your League Commissioner and help each and every one of you to be the quality team that you each deserve to be!

The ELITE was made up of many teams from the former USFA that just wanted to continue to keep their "football family" together. They have had many great rivalries that had been built and respect between teams that they just didn't want to lose after so many years, as well as some National Championships under their belt. The MCFL has been one of the longest running semi-pro football leagues in the country and has been financially solvent for 20 years. They carry a long history of traditions including many National Championships from their league.

Currently we have 26 teams from 8 states (West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio) in the league and we are looking to have 32. We have several applications in at this time that we have been reviewing and sending out for approval through a one team, one vote policy. All applications can be submitted online through The website is basic right now and will be fully operating as we complete our team spots in the league.

If you are a team that has submitted an application and has not heard a reply on your status yet, you will by this weekend.

Please stay posted to any emails I send for further updates on the EliteMCFL or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (419) 392-4704 or by email any time. Thank you!

Tiffany Turner
EliteMCFL League Commissioner

Re: EAFL and MCFL = EliteMCFL

Whoa...can't wait to see the teams and the schedule!

Re: EAFL and MCFL = EliteMCFL

Are there any Indiana teams in this league other than the Mustangs?