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IOFL and CRFL Merger

The member teams of the Indiana Ohio Football League have voted to merge with the Crossroad Football League. We are confident and have reached an agreement that our core principles of Small Teams, Short Travel, Fair Rosters, and Open Business will be integrated into the CRFL’s organization. The Crossroads Football League will retain its name as is due to the fact they have already be established as a non-profit business and registered at the state and local levels.

With the merger of these two leagues, we are looking at achieving a league of 10-12 teams, 2 divisions, a solid 10 game season, and exploring the ideas of a pre-season jamboree, weekly sportsmanship award, and a post season all-star game.

I would like to thank Wayne Wolf and Brian Raber for their openness to discuss, share ideas, and act on a vision that will improve Adult Amateur football in Indiana, Western Ohio and Southern Michigan. We are all excited for the coming season.

John Jackson

CRFL Teams:
Dark Knights
Indiana Patriots
Indy Renegades
Miami Co Blitz
Tri Co Raiders

IOFL Teams:
Champaign County Stallions
Miami Co Vipers
Michiana Warriors
Ohio Crush

Re: IOFL and CRFL Merger

How do you plan on splitting up the two divisions? Will it be an East/West, or perhaps an Indiana/Ohio split?

Re: IOFL and CRFL Merger

I have one question. Are the Dark Knights fielding a team this year? I ask because if I remember correctly they didn't finish out the season last year. However I might be wrong about this. If someone could clarify that would be great.


Dave Clawson
Punter/Kicker #1
Indiana Generals

Re: IOFL and CRFL Merger

To answer both of the questions above:

1. We are leaning toward East and West divisions as geographically that makes the most sense at this point, but will not commit fully until we are certain of all the teams that will participate in the CRFL in 2011.

2. Dave you are correct in that the Dark Knights were unable to finish last season due to issues with player numbers. They did express, however, that even in the midst of the issues they had, they were confident that some of these players would be back and had already begun recruiting players and sponsors for the 2011 season.

The CRFL is very excited about the upcoming season and we look forward to the future and what it holds for our member teams and our league as a whole. We have a lot of work to do but we are confident that with the combined efforts of all who are involved we will accomplish all we set out to do and will be a league to be proud of for many years to come.

Re: IOFL and CRFL Merger

Right on good luck to you guys.

Dave Clawson
Punter/Kicker #1
Indiana Generals

Re: IOFL and CRFL Merger

Like what is happing in this league! Seems to be going in the right direction. If things go as planned i will meet some of u on the feld.