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I would like you all to help me in extending a sincere e-handshake to the following gentlemen who have- through thier own hard work, persistence and dedication have been recognized by higher levels of football and have in some cases, given opportunity to showcase the ability they posess.

Brandon Williams - signed as WR to Marion Blue Racers 2012 roster (former Indiana Mustang semi pro player) - Brandons bio and game film are also being reviewed a 2nd time by the St Louis Rams for 2011.  

DeRon Jenkins - special consideration and will likely get personal workout with Marion Blue Racers at RB (former KC Mustangs RB) DeRons film will be sent to an NFL team as well for 2011. 

Todd Blanton - being considered for camp with Chicago Slaughter and will likley be asked to attend camp either in preseason or mid. (former KC Mustang LB ) at the tryout, Todd personally our performed everyone at his position of SS, including two D1 prospects and extremely impressed the head coach  DBacks position coach. 

Jimmy Johnson - signed by Marion Blue Racers as LB/DB coach for 2011 season. (former KC mustangs LB)
JJ showed the ability to scout and ecourage players at three camps enough to impress the Blue Racers to put him on staff.  

* note - special consideration means the teams head coach has personally expressed an interest and has contacted the player directly or myelf in regard to the ability, character and mentality to play the game at a higher level ( or coach it )

these men, (like love or hate on them) have PROVEN that if given into the game you love all you can and then some, the game itself can give something of the like in return. 

Also- with an NFL lockout looking to happen in 2011 - those of you who truly want a shot at going pro, DO NOT wait for the league to come calling you, and certainly not until week one of the season. 
This may be your only time to do it. 
If I were 20 years younger, I know I would! 

Enjoy the holiday boys!!


Re: Congrats!

brian.....if you were 20 years younger, you would still be an old man, lol jk.......hope i still look as young as you when i am 50

Re: Congrats!

Gross, I'm only 57. And if I catch even one pass, I'll be the first player ever to call timeout while trying to run DURING a play!

Lol. Can't wait to see ya soon!!
Ps - Brandon Williams is signed for the 2011 season, not 2012.