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So what

This is all very sad. You guys have no idea how stupid you all sound. You get the same five people on this site under fake names and think becuase you post on here things are going to happen. You all say that the Generals would be a below .500 team in any other league, then why would they leave the IFL? They are not good enough to compete in other leagues. Why jump up and waste other teams time when they will lose 50-0? Look maybe the Generals are staying in the IFL for reasons we all don't know. BUT here is the thing if it's not your team DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT! I think it has a lot to do with the Generals knowing JT is not going to coach this year.
We all say we do this for fun. So where is the fun at? We are not getting paid and you will not change the world if you win or lose. Say what ever you want but unless you are the main man on your team and you use your real name on this site no one really cares about the post you leave. We all just read it and luagh and say some dumb pussy sacred to leave his name!

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Re: So what

you get on here to say stop posting rumors and you start one yourself

Re: So what

This guy is definitely right. Sometimes all these tough football players just sound like a bunch of women. Haha. I totally agree with you Grandberry.