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Talk and Rumors really hurts

This board is lots of fun I really do enjoy it and reading what people say but have you guys ever really stopped and looked at what you are saying.
Everyone keeps talking about how the Indiana Generals are a 500 team in any other league they go to,, REALLY just a 500 team at best,, ok here is food for thought,
everyone keeps posting about teams leaving to play in a better league,
these are the same teams that those Generals dominated last season right, so what is the outlook for these teams now that they are moving on to a better league.
You guys remind me of the fans of teams playing number one ranked teams and beating them,
only to have their fans chat over-rated at the end of the game meaning their team really didn't beat anyone all that good.
The Generals team I believe will be fine in a number of leagues,
will they go undefeated in another league? I doubt it, because is very hard to go unbeaten in ANY LEAGUE ask the Cutters about that, they had a very good team three years in a row before hitting the skids. The Cutters also proved with last years season just how important the Head Coaching position is.
You all pick on JT and the Generals because they are winners,, it's that simple JT has won at every team he has been head coach he knows football and he runs a tight ship, whether you will admit it or not,, guys play for him because they want to win, and not just win games,
they want a championship and believe he gives them a shot a one.
The best thing that everyone can do right now to benefit semi-pro football in Indiana is not start rumors or fuel the fire on the rumors already started.
Let orgaizations meaning teams and leagues operate and conduct business and run their respective teams and leagues.
Remember this is only January and many leagues have only had one meeting in 2011,
let things work themselves out for crying out loud. then when all the leagus are set and schedules are out then do your talking.
Semi-pro football benefits many people from players to fans to many different charities PLEASE,,, lets all stop the rumors and smack talking and let these leagues get their business in order for this season. Nobody on any site knows what is best for each team that should be determined by the Team Presidents and Head Coaches not by those wishing and hoping on a message board.
Many teams have been mentioned on here over the past week and some statements have been good and some not so good. Lets all take a deep breath and sit back and relax a little until say middle of March and just let things fall where they may.
I'm sure smart decisions will be made by all those involved.

Re: Talk and Rumors really hurts

Part of the problem is no one seems to believe any of the statements that get made by REAL team reps. For example the Midwest Force. Sure you can say we left because we couldn't hang with the big cats, but to honest I'd put my squad up against any team from last years IFL and say we would put up a good fight against any of them. We nearly beat the Blaze the last week of the season. That neither here nor now. We left the IFL for two reasons.
1. The board agreed with the steps the CRFL was taking with a 45 man roster limit. Its not fair for a team to try to have to compete against some of these "super teams" in the area. Yes there's only 11 on the field at a time but when you can throw 11 on the field and when that 11 is tired you can throw another 11 with the same talent back out there and still have another 11 waiting for there turn you can compete with a team of 20-40 guys. I dont blame the super teams for it, its good recruiting and great placement in a specific area (Indy/Dayton ETC)
2. The second reason we left is travel time. We joined a league where the farthest we will have to travel is roughly 45 minutes (with the exception of playoffs). You cant complain with that.

Every team has there reasons. Im sure the Blaze Wolfpack and whoever else has legitimate reasons. Respect these reasons and move on. Talking shit about how teams cant hang with the best is irrelevant.

Tyler Peckham
Midwest Force President