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Gridiron Developmental Football League 2011

GDFL extending invitations to Indiana teams that are looking for a Quality League!!!Reason to Join The Gridiron Developmental Football League


**East Central Missouri Eagles (Will Move to Midwest Div.)if we secure another Indiana or Illinois Team
Indianapolis Tornadoes
Indianapolis Saints
Chicago Wolverines


Derby City Thunder
Kentucky Wolverines
Hoptown Crusaders
River City Raptors

*Low Travel Distance*Championships Payouts

*Scouting Combines*Websites
*All American Recognition

*Hall of Fame*Sponsors
*Discounted Apparel

*Administrative Tools*Employment
*Discounted Insurance Rates

*National Recognition*Profit Sharing

*Regional Playoffs* Hotel Discounts
*Coaching tips*Media Advertising

Re: Gridiron Developmental Football League 2011

Teams in GDFL with a Championship under their Belt

Carolina Warriors 2010 GDFL National Champions
Tennessee Crush 2010 USFL Champion
Georgia Jets 2010 SFL Champions
Kentucky Wolverines 2004 OVFL Champions,2010 GDFL National/Runner-up Div.1 National Sunshine Bowl Champions
Henry County Horsemen 2009 USFL Champions
Columbia Flying Raiders 2009 SEAFL Champions
Jefferson County Warriors 2008 SEAFL Champions
Indianapolis Tornadoes 2008 NAFL Champions
Sumter County Stars
Atlanta Aggression 2003,2004 AND 2005 SFL Champions

Top Contenders
Atlanta Chiefs
Tennessee Hurricanes
Fayetteville Horizon
Ashville Grizzlies
Carolina BullDogs
Memphis Blast