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Round Table

I know the NFL,NBA,MLB & a lot of the sports do this so....
If you could sit down and have a round table talk with five people of your choice(player,coach,owner or whoever) from semipro football from Indiana who would you pick and why?

Re: Round Table

1. Supafan - You can wear a mask if you want lol. His knowledge of football and life is amazing.

2. Dane Hill - One of the best coaches ever in Indiana semi-pro football history.

3. Mitch Franz - Anyone who can go through the things he is going through must beable togive you some tips on life.

4. JT Coach of the Generals - I have meet him a few times but never got to talk to him in depth.

5. John Jachson - Would like to see for myself what he is all about.

Re: Round Table

Troy Edwards- always has great ideas and good decision making
John Jackson- great new ideas for semi pro
Mike Rindone-stand out player owner/coach
Jason Doubleday-always about his team and ways to give back
Tyler Peckham-respected owner out of Ohio and very young