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NE Indianapolis Teams?

Is/Are there any team(s) in the NE Indy area (Fishers, Noblesville, Castleton, Pendleton, etc)?

I have heard of the Noblesville Mustangs but also heard they are defunct.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Re: NE Indianapolis Teams?

last i heard the mustangs were still around

Re: NE Indianapolis Teams?

Of course the Mustangs are still around. We are the longest running and most successful team in Indiana. We are not going anywhere. We have tryouts coming up in early Aptil. If you like send me your e-mail and I can add you to our prospective players list.

Re: NE Indianapolis Teams?

Thanks guys, nice video. I'll check into it. Thanks again for the Mustangs' info.

Re: NE Indianapolis Teams?

Mustangs, that was very classy. If only there were more organizations like yours.

Re: NE Indianapolis Teams?

No problem, last year was my first with the team and I loved it. I'm trying to spread the word to other guys in the area that want to play as well. I love our team because it's no bull crap, we know we aren't going to the NFL. If you want to play some football, make good friends, and play great competition this is a great option. Our league has a bunch of guys that play Arena/In Europe so there are some great athletes to match up against.

Make sure you do your research though! I know what works for me may not work for everyone else.

Thanks Coach for the kind words and Good Luck this season!