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This will shake everything up!!!

Just want to make a few points that well....get to the point.

A. You aren't good enough to make a living playing football, this is cut and dry. No excuses...sooner you realize this the better person you will be.

B. If you happen to be an owner or coach or owner/coach....realize your team is not a fortune 500 company nor are you a CEO/Executive. Many of you are living what you think is this secret life where you are the big man in this company outside of your regular shift. Understand the level you are at. Unity and wits will follow.

C. Instead of bashing your league and thinking of every excuse you can to disagree with it, try picking up the phone and calling the guys that meet to make sure you are able to still play this game....maybe say thank you? And that you appreciate the opportunity to represent the work that they have done?

D. If you have expectations of private jets flying you to games, a crowd waiting for you to pull into the parking lot, a personal locker the size of a hotel room and four women to give you a massage immediately following the game....Get a life, get a hair cut and get a real job or get in the car and put the tighties on. This isn't the place for you.

E. If you play for the opportunity to be invited to Florida to play in a game that gives you a title when there is 700+ teams out there that you never played....Stop playing football, plan a trip down there with your family, take some photos and remember how fun it was.

F. Again, get a haircut and get a real job.

G. SHOW UP TO YOUR PRACTICES, PAY YOUR FEES, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.....and make the most out of the time you are away from your family.

H. You are not in high school any more, quit trying to relive your "moment" and be the adult you should be.

I.Honestly....Just grow up. No matter what you do or how many leagues you join or how many wins you get....the only thing you really recieve is pride and an education. Football, if you look at it correctly, teaches you anything and everything about life and all it entails. You can relate anything to football. Instead of running away from problems...face them and offer your help in fixing them. You won a national championship? Great! What did you get out of it? I must have missed the press release. I must have missed the big check you deposited. I must have missed the comparison of yourself to god. Take pride in it yes, but you are no bigger that than the worst team you played. You still work for a living and you still volunteer your services to your team. This goes for any team or player out there who acts as though they are something they are not. You are a mediocre football player at best. In fact, the best player on your team is lucky to be mediocre.....what does that make you? This isn't your's a hobby and it should be respected!

Re: This will shake everything up!!!

Well said!

Re: This will shake everything up!!!

Someone with some sense, kudos.

Re: This will shake everything up!!!

Best post ever on Supafan. Couldn't agree more. People need to stop taking themselves so seriously and remember this was supposed to be about having some fun on the weekend.

Re: This will shake everything up!!!

That is some great advice. G especially. A lot of work goes in to make it possible for people to play. Things would be so much nicer when people respect that.

"Take pride in it yes, but you are no bigger that than the worst team you played. You still work for a living and you still volunteer your services to your team."

This is the best quote I've ever seen about Semi-Pro Football. We are all here to play the game, whether my team is up 30 or down 30 I will always show the same amount of respect to the other team. We should all be there for the same purpose, play our best, have fun, pick up our teamates, and make some friends.

I really learned a lot Thursday, my flag football team was up 33-0, 1 score away from ending the game on a mercy rule. The other team wasn't trash talking, taking cheap shots, or complaining to the refs. They were there to play a little football and enjoy themselves. They were a little older and we are a semi-pro team of good athletes. Afterwords they shook our hands and were headed out to have a beer afterwords.

I wish more people saw it the same way, it would make a great game even greater.

Re: This will shake everything up!!!

FINALLY someone who has said what so many have been thinking.

Everyone plays on a team, in a league, of that players choice. If they are happy playing on a team that is in a league of 20 teams or 6, that is that particular players decision.

I had a call yesterday at work from a true friend of mine and the KC Mustangs. He said he got on Supa for the first time in a while and could not believe all the negative posts and general nonsense that has been going on. Plus the teams that have changed leagues for whatever reason. He asked me why I thought this was happening. My answer was really pretty simple.

Many players and coaches have lost sight of why we do this. It is to have a good time playing, or in my case being around the sport I love. Coaches and team owners have lost sight of the this. They take their players, fill them with the dream of a "National Championship" or the chance of "The Ring" and their "gentlemen's agreement" don't mean a thing. What I mean is that they will tell their league, their players, or themselves that they are happy where they are and then someone comes along and makes the thought of changing things sound very persuading. It's kind of like the Medicine Man from the old western movies, who promise this new and improved Snake Oil will cure the common cold, when all it really does is cloud your better judgement.

My advise to players who are still on the fence to go to another team, one of those that the coach is promising to take you to "The Promised Land", does this coach or owner want you for your skills, or is it for your name? Or for taking you away from this team and then putting you on their website as a selling point to lure more players to their team. And what about the players that have been with the same team for a while. Can you trust your coach when he says "you'll play every down". Will that coach say that just to get you on his team, but he really is wanting to get the premier player of the league to take your playing spot. Gentlemen,,,, it does happen.

If your team makes you earn your position, and you must fight to keep it, that team will win a championship. The Generals did that last season. As far as them leaving the IFL, that is their decision. I believe in the long run it might be good for them. But I also have to wonder howw much of them leaving was because they were baited into switching by the posts on Supa??.... That is not any of my business and I wish them the best of luck.

Have a great 2011 season everyone. I know I will be having a great 2011 with the KC Mustangs.

Re: This will shake everything up!!!

I feel the last post was ment for the Indiana Generals. The IFL always said if a team got to big for the league they would ask them to leave. In all the years of the IFL no team was more dominate than the Generals last season. Your right this is for fun but how many of the IFL teams had fun playing the Generals. It was not a matter of if they would win only by how much. You guys talk as if it's wrong to go about this like a "pro" team would but your wrong. Maybe that's why the Generals won like they did and teams like Lima and the Nasville Storm win. They do all the small things right. They care about bringing in good people,great players and winning. If your goal is to have fun and hang out on the weekends and play some football that's ok. Just don't join a league that has a championship at the end of the year! I don't speak the leaders of the Generals or Lima but I bet they would rather do it their way than just for fun. How you feel if you got in a fight with 11 blind men and you won. Yeah you won but they were blind . Maybe the Generals want to fight 11 men who can punch as hard as they can . Spoh67 said it best, whats right for one man is not right for the next. Good luck to all the team in 2011.

Re: This will shake everything up!!!

Of course winning is the number 1 priority for everyone. My point is there is a level of sportsmanship that has been lost. My HS coach taught us to keep our mouthes shut on the field. Every play knock that guy on his ass then help him up after the play. I like blocking someone to the ground more than just telling him I'm going to. 

I play for the IN Mustangs because I want to play the best competition I can. It's a challenge and I love it. I love the history, love what the team is all about, love the message Coach Stamper has to everyone. There is nothing I want more than to bring the Mustangs back where they belong and I enjoy myself playing for them. Of course that's what is right for me. 

I think the guys who have replied understand the message. I think this was more directed to the team hoppers who cause more drama than what they bring to the team. 

Re: This will shake everything up!!!

Imagine that Amateur football and all of its leagues within our Country suddenly ended on the same day. Imagine if Supa himself were to shut this site down with the click of a button. You would miss this game as it would miss you....the difference is it would have no regrets and be content on the grounds in which it stood. It gave you the opportunity to become a fine human being, it gave you all the tools to apply to your own life and that of family. Most importantly....The game itsef never turned its back on you and has always given you a chance whether or not you deserved it. Any and all situations boil down to what you can give back. Being the most pro like team to have ever sank cleats in the grass is unlikely the most important thing you will take with you when you leave this earth. The moments you shared with teammates and the memories you created and the friendships that were made is something you will never forget. a Ring, although a staple of all those combined into a solid is nice and should always be a goal. But it can be sold and lost....those things cannot. Teams will always shift and players will always move and thier complaints will always be the same.The desicions made will either be good ones or they will be the wrong ones. Whatever your reasons for doing what you do....I truely hope god blesses you on your journey. Te

Re: This will shake everything up!!!

Wow!!!! I didn't think there were any real people that started threads! I hope Everyone gets a chance to view this and that they realize how true you are. If everyone would see this and believe in this, I think everyone would have 100 times more fun!