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CRFL 2011 Divisions & Scheduling

The CRFL held their second meeting of the 2011 season this past Sat. at which the following was voted.

The CRFL will begin their 10 week regular season July 9th. This year the league will be divided into the following divisions:

Indiana Conference:
North Division:

South Division:

Ohio Conference:
North Division:

South Division:

Each team will play their division opponents twice, their conference opponents once, and three teams from the other conference.

Playoffs will be as follows:

1st and 2nd Seeds will be awarded to the top team in each division based on overall record.
3rd and 4th Seeds will be wildcard spots awarded to the next two teams with the best overall record.

Playoff schedule:
Wild Card Weekend, Conference Championships, League Championship.

Tie Breakers are as follow:
1) Overall Record
2) Road Wins
3) Head to Head
4) Total Points Allowed
5) Coin Toss

The member teams feel this format will allow teams to play the maximum number of teams, while maintaining importance of a competitive regular season.

The team schedule will be posted after our next league meeting in April.

More information from our past meeting can be found on our website.

Re: CRFL 2011 Divisions & Scheduling

Seeds will be awarded by DIVISION or CONFERENCE...because if the seeds are by Division 2 out of the 3 teams will be top seeds...just would like some clarity, however, I'm thinking it may be a typo.

Re: CRFL 2011 Divisions & Scheduling

The winner of the OH-N and OH-S will be the #1 and 2 seeds, #1 going to the better record. Seeds #3 and 4 will be the next two best records in the conference. Same goes for the Indiana Conference. There will be 4 teams per state, with winners facing off for CRFL title.

Re: CRFL 2011 Divisions & Scheduling

There are no typos.

Indiana and Ohio each have their own playoff bracket.

If you have the best overall record in your division you have a home playoff game.

So the #1 and #2 seed will be give to a north and a south team. Who gets #1 and #2 is also based off of overall record or tie breakers if need be.

#3 and #4 and the next best 2 teams North and South combined based off of overall record or tie breakers if need be.


Ohio North
Knights 4-6
Vipers 7-3
Raiders 5-5

Ohio South
Force 6-4
Stallions 3-7
Crush 3-7

Ohio Playoffs would be as follows

#4 Seed Raiders vs #1 Seed Vipers
#3 Seed Knights vs # Seed Force

I hope this clears it up for you.