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Combine/Team Meeting this Saturday Feb 26th at 2:00 P.M. at West Noble High School.

Re: Combine/Meeting

What will the format be for the combine and what is appropriate attire for the facility? How does your performance at the combine effect your standing with the team?


Re: Combine/Meeting

In the past they have run the 40, bench press, shuttle run and one more it is all inside. Coach Marsh will not cut anybody his saying is " Accept your role no matter what it is." If you do that everything is cool.

Re: Combine/Meeting

In a league where individual performance is all over place compared to the NFL where the best of the best play at each position the main purpose of a combine in our league is simply to see where you were in winter and where you stand in spring to show who has been working and who hasnt. I have seen incredibly fast players and strong players that just suck at football so numbers are just a reference but how you play the game is what counts and it shows in practice.

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