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What do YOU look for in a team?

Just curious to see what players/coaches look for when joining a team. With everyone starting up new teams and folding midseason, what do you expect from your team? There is little doubt that this level of football isn't what it once was.

What is important to you?

History of team? Level of competition? Travel? Uniforms? Player Fee?

There are so many teams these days and so many players that pay a players fee and get ripped off with their team folding. It's almost criminal. How do you join a new team in a new league and not have these doubts?

What reliable teams are left?

Also teams, what do you look for in a player? What do you provide your players with to ensure they are making a wise investment into your team? Why should they spend their hard earned money on you and not someone else?

I for one would like to see some responses from the teams in the state as well as players.

Re: What do YOU look for in a team?

My personal experience suggests that coaching staff is the single most reliable indicator of a teams potential not only to survive but to be competative.
Good players will drive hours to be part of a sound motivated program. I have done it. Playing for a team with a lack of leadership is generally a mess
on and off the field. Like my coach once said where the head goes the body follows

Just my opinion


Re: What do YOU look for in a team?

As a player, I'm looking for several things:
1. Affordability: Is this team asking too much for me to play? What do they provide for me?
2. Coaches: How many? Are they respected? How dedicated?
3. Organization: How is the team ran? Is there a board? Team meetings? How often do they practice?

I'm not concerned about the previous year's record or anything like that, that can be turned around year to year. I think that if a team is established enough to field a team year in and year out, they will get people to play for them, whether they're local guys or if they travel to play for their "home" team.

As an owner, there are a couple things I look for:
1. Player dedication: Will this player be at the practices and NOT just games?
2. Team Oriented: Will they get along with the rest of the team? Are they "team first" or ME ME ME? Will they play where asked, or "I don't play that position"

Basically, if you can get a good core group of guys together, you can be successful. You're always going to have the stragglers who show up when they want, and ready to play.

All in all, I don't think a teams success and longevity is determined by a coaching staff. I think with a good checks and balance system in your "front office", a solid core group of guys, and a desire to win, your team can be successful for several years!

Chad Walters
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Re: What do YOU look for in a team?

What is important to me is finding a team that has a great message. I don't want to play for someone that pumps me up with "Hey I have a buddy that knows an NFL scout" or "Play here and get some film to get to the next level"

The league is important to me, how many teams have folded, how many forfeits? The MCFL had no folded teams and no forfeits last season. The competition is excellent and it's fun traveling to bigger cities in the area to play.

The Mustangs player fee is affordable $150, no forfeits, been around for 21 years, and have a class coach with a great message.

The history of the Mustangs is a big thing for me, I know when I show up to a road game that we will have our coaches, equipment manager, and know they aren't going to fold midseason. 21 years and going strong!