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A Quest For The Best!!!!

A Quest For The Best is a DVD series about Minor League Football In America. Too often when you say the name Minor League Football the response by most people is: What is that? The reality is that this level of football has not received the same recognition and respect as other sports. Minor League Baseball is a true farming system where the Major League Baseball Players typically go first to develop their skills for the Majors. Even the NBA has a successful minor league for development of its players. It is often referred to as the "D" league. So what happened to Football's Minor League? Why is it in the shadow's of College and even High School Football in some states like Texas and Florida? What type of talent is at the minor league level? Has any player actually made it to the NFL from Minor League Football? Are there any former players of the NFL currently playing in the Minor Leagues? Are they just playing for the love of the game or is there still a burning desire for the quest to be the BEST?

Re: A Quest For The Best!!!!

We get it. You market your league as "Minor League Pro Football" to build the hype and make your league look more important than the other leagues in the country. Despite the fact you are one of the most unproven leagues around.

Last time I checked there is no such thing as Minor League football. Nothing is recognized by the NFL/AFL/CFL or any other professional football league out there.

The GDFL is as close to Pro football as my son's JFL team.

Re: A Quest For The Best!!!!

lol This guy missed the whole concept stop hating&GO KILL YOURSELF!!!!

Re: A Quest For The Best!!!!

Stay classy commish...

Re: A Quest For The Best!!!!

I get your point...selling a DVD...
but anyone that has been around this level of football knows the answers to alot of those questions...

Yes, there are players who have played Semipro and made it to the NFL...

Yes, there are several players who have played in the NFL that are playing at this level...