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5/14 Scores ???

Preseason - each week its like a grab bag, some games happen, some teams switch, most get canceled.

Revolution vs Tornadoes - Score anyone? BTW - sorry to hear about your teams stuff being stolen john, I hope its all replaceable.

Renegades vs Panthers - Canceled - there is a reason we don't cover the Panthers - is this cancellation #23 Zeb?

Saints vs Vipers - did this game take place?

Did any other games on our schedule get canceled, changed, or added? If so post it up.

At least next week is the kickoff for the GMFL - The Enforcers take action first this season. Before then, we will have our new rankings out for the preseason this week.

Re: 5/14 Scores ???

the saints and vipers game did not take place

Re: 5/14 Scores ???

there was no working scoreboard so i dunno it but the revolution never scored and the tornadoes scored a bunch of times

Re: 5/14 Scores ???

Final score was Tornadoes 42 Revolution 0