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Pre-Season Rankings have been Posted

The 2011 preseason rankings have been posted.

NEW FORMAT - This year our state rankings will feature the combined score of more than just one person's rankings. On board we have Vince and a old friend who will be call Coats. We will be adding a surprised guest in late June.

Wanna help? We are looking for an alternate to step in a few of the weeks one of us four cannot get the rankings out. If you want to join the group e-mail us at


Re: Pre-Season Rankings have been Posted

Very nice. I like the comments on the teams. Good job guys!

Re: Pre-Season Rankings have been Posted

Wildcats are no longer the boys from Brazil but the boys from Terre Haute, IN, though there still is a lot of the same faces. Also, really find it hard to believe Vince ranked us so low, unless thats a different Vince. He is normally really high about us. O well rankings don't matter, its the end of season results that matter.

Good Luck to all the teams this season.

Re: Pre-Season Rankings have been Posted

Just have to add in. Normally I never retracted anything I type, but after being reduced to very limited resources and and schitzophrenic laptop, I mistyped and hurried a few rankings. There is no doubt the Wildcats are easily in the top 10 and was even asked as I submitted the pick - in short "Vince, have you been drinking?". Well, the answer was yes, but I was unfortunately sober when hitting 'send'.

Please forgive the blind pick, you all can expect better once I get back to Indiana full time and full facilities.


Re: Pre-Season Rankings have been Posted

I agree....Wildcats are easily in the top 10 if not higher. If you look at last year the only team that they couldnt get past was the Generals. Good luck this year!

Re: Pre-Season Rankings have been Posted

I definitely agree the Wildcats are top 10. That's a stout squad they have wayyy out there in Brazil.

We appreciate the high expectations INSPF has put on us, and we will use that as motivation this year to strive to make that "Pre-Season favorite to win CRFL" a reality. To the rest of the CRFL, I wish you all the best of luck this season! Our mission begins with the Blitz on July 9..

To the rest of Indiana semi pro, good luck and I hope everyone has a fun, competitive, & HEALTHY season!

Chad Walters
Midwest Force
VP & LB #40