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indianapolis tornados played renegades

The indianapolis tornados played against the renegades Saturday .renegades came out making the tornados look like 2nd stringer the renegade score the first touchdown with a 47yard rd pass then they came back with 2 ints. Renegades Ran the back all over the tornados but the passing game for the tornados will give the the win with 2passing tds in 1rushing the indianapolis tornados won 20-6 very good game to the teams was there to watch ( indianapolis saints ) in the ( naptown scropions ) both teams was thee but I saw a couple of Indiana generals there to. The indianapolis tornados play both team tomorrow the saints play tomorrow at Northwest high school. The real semi pro fan

Re: indianapolis tornados played renegades

We want to thank the Tornados for inviting us out to play, hard faught game. Good luck fellas!