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Chance to go pro

UFL Pro Football, check the website for additional info. On June 4th in Ohio, the Destroyers will be holding tryouts.

Re: Chance to go pro

I was trying to find out if they were still going by what they orignally intended to do and that was to only have players with College Degrees....but no where on the website did it say anything like that. All I found was the following....

All five UFL teams will be have public tryouts. For information on those, including dates and times, you can check out the tryouts page at For all inquiries related to players, agents, scouting and officials, you may email

For Agents/Players interested in sending in film to the league, please mail it to:

135 West Bay Street
Suite 500
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Re: Chance to go pro

I have a game that day. Do u know if they are having any other tryouts.

Re: Chance to go pro

I went last year. Its open to anyone over the age 18. Decent talent mixed with NFL free agents. Pretty hard to get on a team, unless you blow minds at combine, had a good college career or recently played pro ball CFL,AFL, NFL. Good luck