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Mustangs vs Mustangs

KC Mustangs and Indiana Mustangs had a nice afternoon of football between two quality programs and you could bet that the Mustangs won...haha! Both teams looked good at times and both still had a lot of room for improvement. KC's offense struck paydirt first with a long run on the 2nd play from scrimmage. After that, the Indiana defense rebounded and finished the day with a couple of defensive scores...Mustang defense is lead by an active group of LB's led by #8 Junior McKinnie...Junior maybe one of the best football players in the state but the rest of those LB's like to hit too-Jeep, Dwight, Rich! #85 on KC is a quality receiver, great hands, and he will have a great season this year. The Indiana Mustangs offense also scored a couple of plays into their first possession with a deep ball to the Mustangs top athlete Paul Carter. Montez Williams finished with a couple of scores and James Sharp is just FAST! With qb Hooks at the helm, the Mustang offense has the potential to be great, and Eric also did a nice job running the offense while the offensive coordinator was absent. Even 49-year old Steve Cassidy who hasn't practiced this year came in to give the Mustangs 5 linemen for the first time this year - welcome back Steve (how many times have you retired? - next year you can use your AARP card for discounts on road games). Once the Indiana Mustangs get back their top 2-3 indoor players, this team could make a nice run in the MCFL except their schedule is GRUELING with 4 games against nationally-ranked teams. There's no team in Indiana who will face a tougher schedule - Racine Raiders (1995 League Champs), Columbus Fire (2010 MCFL Champions), Detroit Ravens (2008 League Champs) and So Mich Timberwolves (2-time MCFL champs)! For those of you who are new to semi-pro football, the Mustangs and the MCFL played every game last year...there were no forfeitures on our schedule or in our league and this is our 21st season...not too many teams/leagues can make that claim, and it's really unfortunate that we are still looking for players - linemen/TE right now! If you are a quality player who enjoys playing quality teams every week, we practice once a week and play on Saturday nights!

Great job to Sid and the KC Mustangs - professional, great guys, quality program...they are a first-class operation in every way, and we would enjoy playing them every week. I wish every team played the game like the KC Mustangs...good luck in 2011.

James Stamper
Indiana Mustangs

Re: Mustangs vs Mustangs

thanx for the kind words, i think i speak for all the kc mustangs when i say it was nice gettin after another team finally and we had a good time playin u guys, good luck this season

B. Boyer
Wideout 85
Kc Mustangs