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hard knocks

This post will piss some people off but who cares.
You all play or coach for the "fun" of the game. Semipro (I say that with a smirk) is not fun anymore.
See you guys think that this game is important but it's not. It only matters to you and the teams you play. I will do a a quick break down for you guys.

1. No one cares who the best team in Indiana is. Unless you do a touney where every team plays each other you will never know. Even if you did that players would have 100 reasons why their team lost. See none of you can open your eyes and realize that it's just a game and ment to be played for fun win or lose.

2. There are to many teams in Indiana. Tommy Crybaby does'nt play much for team Awesome so he starts his own team. Then one of his players repeats the cycle. To many ego's and not enough talent. Yes Indiana does have talent but it's spread across to many teams. You want to know teams like the saints can't keep a team together with the same name for more than a year is because of the same players who cry and cause trouble are back on the team next year. David should not have a team. He does not know how to lead or run a team.
The Scorpions are in the same boat. People who have burned a 100 bridges start a team again.
Triggs is trying to do things the right way for the most part. The Tornados do things in the city and try to put on a goos show. The only problem is they have no respect for other teams and triggs cries like a baby every time a team post something. Triggs your not the king of indiana football. If you spent all you energy on the tornados and none on the other teams you guys will be unbeatable. Stop worrying about the Generals. Now the Generals, you guys need to shut up and play. Facebook B.S. and website b.s. no one cares about. You guys need to grow up and just play. Stop saying your the best just go play ball.

3. None of you players or coaches are going to the pro's. NONE OF YOU. None of you are good enough I promise. So just play or coach for the fun and you just might have some damn fun agian.

4. Last but not least. Support each other. If a indy team wins their league thats good for your state. being a hater does nothing but make you look like a bitch.

Re: hard knocks

Triggs is trying to do things the right way for the most part. The Tornados do things in the city and try to put on a goos show. The only problem is they have no respect for other teams and triggs cries like a baby every time a team post something. Triggs your not the king of indiana football. If you spent all you energy on the tornados and none on the other teams you guys will be unbeatable.

Triggs, challenges teams in Indiana - Triggs challeges team in the whole country - Triggs challenges the Tornados to be the best that they can be, not just on the field, but in the life... Don't knock what you dont understand... A cry baby is a bad discripiton - and asshole sounds about right...

King of Indiana football is nothing to be proud of... I'm ambitions, I want to be King of the Universe... thanks for the negative publicity, we'll take it any way you give it...

Re: hard knocks

I agree with most of this, except for the calling guys out part, I don't personally know those guys.

The term Semi-Pro these days is just a way to make people feel better about what they do. There is nothing professinal about some guys and teams on this level. No matter how you word it it's still ADULT AMATEUR FOOTBALL. The quicker we come to realize this the better off everyone will be.

Re: hard knocks

Thank the football Gods that I live in an isolated corner of the country as far as football is concerned.

I know that no one on my team is going to the pro's, but I'm pretty sure the Cyclones had a few guys go indoor and one guy ended up getting a sack for the Browns on Thursday Night Football a couple of years ago.

People are in it for different reasons. If it's not fun for you, you don't have to play. But it's been my experience that when you leave, your opinion becomes worthless. Not that the opinion of a 'semi-pro' football player was worth much in the first place.

Re: hard knocks

AMEN @ hit it on the head. The most disturbing thing about the post is the part where this guy said nobody cares. I strongly disagree. Let me tell you a story and I hope a lot of people read this. Out of high school I had all the makings of a D-1 recruit but my attitude toward school sucked. I got in more trouble than I care to remember. I was working a warehouse job and met someone who played for a Semi-pro team. I knew I wasn't going to college and still had a few months before I left for the military. While in the military I played for a team in Norfolk, VA. Upon my return to Indy. I played for the C.C. Soldiers. The confidence and love that they showed me made me decide to go to college. After 2yrs of college I played for the Hurricanes and Tornados. The point is I have spent more time encouraging guys on this level to reach higher, go to college, go to the next level, or even do your part to make your team mean something to someone. My daughter cares. My son cares. My Girl cares. That's 3 people right there. Find 55 more like me and that is 165 fans alone. If carrying my damn equipment to the car with them at my side doesn't make me a legitimate football player then I don't know what to tell you. For the love of it means it is what you make it. Don't go around discrediting what "LOVE" of this game is! Because post like yours is exactly what we don't need on this level. You title your post Hard Knock. The way I see it,the Hard Knock has affected your heart....You either love it or hate it, but please, by all means don't let what "WE WHO LOVE THIS" are doing continue to effect your epic accent into the realm of football elitist. Ya Dig!

His Majesty!

Re: hard knocks

I have been playing for 29 years. As you might imagine, my exposure to this game has been vast! My career started in 1982 with the Chagrin Valley Browns of the old Northern Ohio Football League (the precurser to the MCFL). I later played for several years for the Cleveland Lions until 1992. Upon moving to Kokomo, Indiana in 1993 I was "found" by James Stamper of the then Kokomo Mustangs. At that time I was reserved to retirement and had no inclination of putting on the cleats again. It took a year for James to coax me out of retirement. Needless to say I have been with the team ever since!! If anyone has seen the evolution or maybe the de-evolution of "our brand" of football, it's me!

The term "semi-pro" is a mis-used term. It implies we are paid and are "somewhat" professional. That term could really be better suited for all the minor arena leagues that are popping up today! Make no mistake about it, our brand of football is amateur. It will always be!! The reasons for this is simply stated. As long as the NFL uses the NCAA as its primary feeder system, our "brand" will never flourish for any other primary purpose other than recreation! Our best hope is to be a feeder system to the arena brand of football! I have witnessed many players move on to those arena levels in the last four or so years! In fact several of our players have or are still playing for those "semi-pro" arena teams! Now, lets get back to why someone plays this "brand" of football. As you have by now deduced and maybe calculated, I have played in several hundred games; maybe close to a thousand; and have played with hundreds and hundreds of team mates over the years. It is safe to say that I have seen every type of player, and witnessed every reason they play! You have your frustrated athlete, your "I'm not finished" athlete, your "I got something to prove" athlete, the "George Plimpton" athlete (the guy who does it just to do it), the guy who loves the game, the guy who challenges himself to do it, the guy who see's it as cross-training, the guy who does it for the perceived glory, and yes for that small percentage, the guy who wants to go to the next level, and last but not least, the guy who really misses being a part of a team and competition. For myself, it's been an evolution over the years. First it was to be apart of a team, then it became for a short time to go to the next level, then it was to see if I could put the cleats back on again, and now its more of a habit; not being able to quit, holding on to that one more season, one more collision, one more play!
But mostly it's for the love of sport, and battle!
If you count my pee-wee days, CYO days,high school days, and semi-pro days...oops I mean amateur days, I have been putting on the pads since 1972! 39 years of my life have been spent peering out of that face mask. 39 years of memories, team mates, road trips, friendships, losses of friends. 39 years of bruises, torn ligaments, stitches, cracked teeth, separated shoulders. 39 years of waking up like a truck ran you over and heading out to school then later to work. I have seen it all, pretty much have done it all!! I wouldn't change it for the world!!

So, for the guys who want to whine about this team and that team, and this owner and that owner, don't waste our time and yours! This brand of football is VOLUNTARY!! If your unhappy with it, move on. Play softball! But if you love the game, the competition, and want to do it; do it for yourself! Everything else doesn't matter!! Go out there, do your job on the field and be content! Life is too short to complain and worry about the past! Take it from me, 29 years goes by in a flicker of an eye!! Just remember one thing......"Pain heals, chicks dig scars, but glory lasts forever!" ........Eddie Falco, The Replacements. So go get some glory, enjoy the game and have fun!!! It is but a fleeting moment!!!

Re: hard knocks

Amen Steve.

Re: hard knocks

Steve, that was one of the best replies I have ever read on here. I admire your vision and the ability to say what needed to be said. Unfortunately not everyone will read every word.