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best players in indiana

IDK....The Indiana Mustangs are looking pro!! With St. Francis alums Eric Hooks at QB and Paul Carter Jr at DB/WR, offense looks very talented!! Let alone an o-line all over 300 lbs!! ......Also if Brandon Walker-Roby doesn't make Montreal of the CFL, he will be back at WR!!

Re: best players in indiana

Don't forget LB Junior McKinney and DB/WR Colin Taylor from IU. I could name more but don't get a chance to see other teams in the state play since we play the bigger city teams. Don't have a base to compare to.

Can't wait for the regular season to start and we get the guys back from Arena playoffs. This is going to be a great season for the Mustangs.

Re: best players in indiana

The Wildcats are for real this year, we'll see what happens tho, this is a long year but i think that if everyone stays healthy they will be hard to beat in the reg season. #4, #26, #1, #2, #20, #56, #73 some nice ballers... all around the team is nice, gna be interesting to see how this year goes...great game with the Generals, thats how football is supposed to be played! Indiana football to its finest... keep it up Indiana

Re: best players in indiana

i think a few of the elite players are dontesz motley, jay cross, troy summer, ryan harris, the qb for the generals, the qb for the tornados, evan triggs, and twest. hands down some of the top players period in the state.