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Indiana State Rankings Updated for 6-18 Games

Check out this week's rankings. A few teams rose and a few dropped like a stone. See which ones.

Re: Indiana State Rankings Updated for 6-18 Games

Thanks for taking note about the Racine game. We had them until half time when our leader, QB Hooks went down with a torn patellar ligament on the last play of the 1st half and after surgery yesterday is lost for the season. After that we just couldn't get anything going. Our backup came into a tough situation and settled in a little too late for us to make a comeback. It's so frustrating knowing that Racine has our number and knowing we had a good change of beating them. Unfortunatly injuries are part of the game.

Re: Indiana State Rankings Updated for 6-18 Games

I thought the Raiders vs Stangs was played in Noblesville? Regardless, sorry to hear about Hooks but even thought the back up QB isnt Mr. hooks and didnt beat the Pros, he will be a asset to the stangs down the road. Long way to go in the eMCFL Good Luck

Re: Indiana State Rankings Updated for 6-18 Games

Yeah Coach we played in Noblesville. Yeah Phil did fine once we got settled. Had to change up the ofensive game plan a few times. They bring HEAVY pressure every play and don't let up on the QBs. They have a post game video where their coach is saying "since he's been coach, they've never had a QB finish the game". Pissed me off since Hooks is a friend.

Our focus is on our longtime rival Louisville, we get them on the road this week and at home in 2 weeks after the bye. Good luck to you guys too. It was nice playing you guys in the preseason.