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Official Prediction Thread for 06/25- POST SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW

Good Morning, SupaNation- and welcome to the 2011 prediction season!

I'm excited to finally be up and running for the year- it was a long and busy off-season with a lot of interesting developments. I'm super excited to find out what the year holds and am looking forward to reading all of the scores and details after this weekend.

I'll keep it short this opening week as I don't want the prediction machine to overheat- even in this mild weather. Let's get to it!

Indiana Cutters @ Indiana Hitmen

It's a long trip north so early in the season for the Cutters, but early indications are that this club is set for a big rebound from last year. The Hitmen are clearly among the best teams in the North, but some recent roster developments give the Cutters the edge- even on the road.

Cutters 26
Hitmen 20

West Central Wildcats @ Wanee Hurricanes

After just one week, the Wildcats are the early surprise of the IFL. Much like the Cutters, they are unlikely to be fazed by the trip northward. The Canes are better than they played last week, but not good enough to handle the visitors.

Wildcats 31
Hurricanes 13

Elkhart Shamrock @ KC Mustangs

Early indications suggest that the Mustangs' long run at the top of the IFL may be drawing to a close. The Rock have still not rebounded from their glory of several years past. This game will be a close one- but both teams are a good distance from where they want to be.

Mustangs 18
Shamrock 13

Naptown Scorpions @ ECM Eagles

In a rematch from a couple of weeks ago, the Scorpions will hit a roadbump in trying to get things together this season. They'll be short some hogs and get into Missouri with too short a bench. Time to see how they will respond.

Eagles 26
Scorpions 9

Noble County Wolfpack @ West Michigan Force

This is going to be a great game of two truly elite GLFL powers. Neither team has yet been threatened and the while the hosts feature a powerful offense, the visitors bring one of the best defenses in the region. The Force will be a bit deeper and will outlast the Pack- for now at least.

Force 23
Wolfpack 19

River City Eclipse @ Evansville Enforcers

This will be a good test for the hosts, but not enough of a test to put the game in jeopardy. It my not yet be apparent, but the River Valley division might be the most evenly balanced in the entire GMFL- and that will serve the division champion well in the long run. The Enforcers have a good chance to claim that mantle and will show signs of just that on Saturday.

Enforcers 18
Eclipse 6

Indianapolis Tornados @ St. Louis Bulldogs

The Tornados may well have a shot at the GDFL crown in 2011 and taking the tough challenge of a last minute trip to the STL will help them move toward that goal in the long run. The Bulldogs have been playing great football for nearly 20 years and this year is no exception. Even on the road, though, the boys from the Nap are likely to be just too good. This could be another special season in Indy- full of important wins like this one.

Tornados 31
Bulldogs 12

That's all I've got time for this week. Be sure to get all the scores AND DETAILS in that you can. Remember that for every person who posts- there are another 300 who just read along. Go out and make your mommas proud and be sure to tell us all about it!

Re: Official Prediction Thread for 06/25- POST SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW

Wildcats 51-0 hurricanes

The canes are a good level headed group of guys. I Enjoyed playing against them. Good luck the rest of the season.

Re: Official Prediction Thread for 06/25- POST SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW

Wolfpack 10 force 3 great game! Force scored with under a minute to go.

Re: Official Prediction Thread for 06/25- POST SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW

Indiana Hitmen-9 Indiana Cutters-12

Defensive battle, great clean and intense game, Hitmen led 3-0 at the half and Cutters finally got on the scoreboard with less then 5:00 in the 4th quarter, and a failed 2 point conversion made it 6-3, and next possession, Hitmen turned ball over by interception and Cutters returned it for TD and failed 2 point conversion...Cutters up 12-3....Hitmen strikes back with a TD, had extra point blocked...Hitmen cut the lead down to, 9-12, onside kick failed and final score, Cutters-12 Hitmen-9....

Re: Official Prediction Thread for 06/25- POST SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW

KC Mustangs 47 - Elkhart Shamrock 13

As Mark Twain said, and I para-phrase "The report of our death is greatly exaggerated"

Mustangs had a great home opener in our new town of South Whitley at Whitko Hight School. The Mustangs played a MUCH IMPROVED Shamrock team. And I do stress Shamrock TEAM. In the past 4 years I have seen the Shamrock litterally fight amongst themselves during games. Not anymore. This team never backed down, never gave up on themselves, and continued to work hard well after this game was decided.
The Mustangs played much better this week. A good mix of passing and rushing. Strong showing by our rookie QB and offensive and special teams players. Defense played better taking advantage of several mistakes and forces several turn overs.

Re: Official Prediction Thread for 06/25- POST SCORES AND DETAILS HERE- NOT BELOW

Scores for 6-25

Tornados @ Bulldogs - Weather Canceled
Thunder 42 @ Saints 26
Scorpions 14 @ Eagles 13

Cutters 12 @ Hitmen 9
Wildcats 51 @ Hurricanes 0
Shamrock 13 @ KC Mustangs 47

Eclipse 21 @ Enforcers 14

Wolfpack 10 @ Force 3