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Flag Football Leagues

I am starting flag football leagues at Midwest Sports & Social Complex in Indianapolis. I have talked to a couple different players that play semi pro ball and interest seems to be there to join the league. The men's league will be 5v5 all-passing. It will be very similar to 7-on-7 just to a smaller scale. It's a great opportunity for players to develop chemistry on both sides of the ball. The league should be compeitive with players with college experience. The league will be on Monday nights starting July 18th. There will be 6 regular season games plus 2 post season games.

Re: Flag Football Leagues

Just an Idea...

If you wait until the winter months when all the contact leagues around the area are done you could probably get a nice number of guys that would be interested in this. It would be a great way to keep in football shape for their next season with out taking a beating. Doing it now there are too many in leagues that can't miss.

Just a thought, I like the idea

Re: Flag Football Leagues

Hey, thanks for the feedback. That does sound like a good idea and it's something I will keep in mind as a possibility in the future.