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u know wat get off the renagades and worry about ur own team cause we know exactly who it is talkin we will work out our problems and little do u know both teams have played together at one point for the indy dragons and things happen and i bet u any amount of money we will all be blessed in the end with or without the hatters riden our backs but u know wat without the hatters we are nothin thanks for the motivation

Re: renagades

no hate here. like your craigslist ad states

The Renegades stand for quality football games, family atmosphere and for the love of the game.

Re: renagades

Thats exactly right, I posted that ad. The reason is because of the number of views they have each day. We do stand for quality games which we have had so far this year, and a family enviroment check our sidelines the girls sit together, watch each others children, and would do anything for a teammate or his family. The Renegades are under the spotlight they won a championship last year. I chose to stay true to the pirates even though yea all my main friends on the squad went to the Renegades. Now, I love to clown on the field try to get in peoples head but not try to start a fight. With that being said as Coach Hill told me once, this is Semi-Pro you have to have one man in charge who has respect in order to control the team, calm people down. Also we never know what another man goes through before he comes to each game, he may be hott headed about anything and all it takes is a little push. We will defend any player of ours who ends up in a fight, if people are clearing benches then hey it happens, main thing is we are not chumps, test us and we'll get right back at you so if you dish it prepare to accept some as well. We understand nothing is going to be handed to us, we are the team to beat in the CRFL due to their status last year, but that was a long time ago. We do not set out each game and say lets fight or if they touch me I am throwin bows, we love the games that are good games who doesnt jaw? It's who I am and if you dont like it stop us. Ask any tornados player I am sure they heard me jawin carryin on playin corner, but when they went up and was winnin I shutup and played, its fun when people challenge each other jawin then talk on the way back to their huddle. The Renegades are going to believe it or not sanction players on all sides of the ball if they do some low down stuff. Dirty? Nah not at all, man up all the softies runnin around want to wine, play harder we arent above anyone and we can be beat and so far have been twice by 2 top of their league teams. What unfloded at the Generals game was unfortunate hell due to my child comin I wasnt there and a friend from the Revolution told me what occured. I never would have thought that bc JT and the Renegades know each other, never met JT in my life but what all players I play with respect them on the highest level so that was crazy. So no we dont like fights dont go lookin for a fight but dont think you can sit back and try throwin bows, shovin facemasks into the ground after whistles or any crap we will not throw back.