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indiana mustangs vs indy renegades

Before some bullshit is said. The score was 7-0 mustangs at the end. Mustangs have good running game. We couldn't get anything going really. Practice will take care of that all renegades make sure they r there Tuesday. Yes another fight broke out but before the renegades r blamed. Mustangs did start it. Wasn't anything serious just some words and push an shove. Both teams were not very disciplined. We try to play as a family so we have each others back. We need to stop arguing with each other. Like I said before practice will take care of that need to get some team chemistry going our first game is next week. I'm out

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Re: indiana mustangs vs indy renegades

Another Renegades game, another fight. Regardless of who "started" it, it seems a bit conspicuous that EVERY game the Renegades have played in, there has been a fight. One guy said, "Fights happen" and "It's not a new thing". Think about it. 7-on-7, fight. Tornados, fight. Generals, fight. Mustangs, fight. See the pattern? Ridiculous. If this was a single person fighting in the CRFL, they would have a lifetime ban in the league. The league needs to step up and take action.

Re: indiana mustangs vs indy renegades

Renegades: This is not an attempt to blast you. However, you go onto the field to play football and not to fight. I know there are several good guys/players on your team. But it only takes a handful of selfish people to ruin it for a whole group. Evaluate who you have on your roster and make changes before it is too late. It would be horrible if you were to lose your good standing with the league because of these repeat altercations. If someone pushes you, fall down and get a flag. Free 15 yards to help your team. Isn't that what you are on the field help your team. It takes more of a man to be have self-discipline than to lose your cool at the first sign of disarray. I hope you guys get your heads on straight, lose the dead weight that keeps causing problems, and repeat in the CRFL. Good luck this season.

Re: indiana mustangs vs indy renegades

To the ones who were not at this game, mustangs did alot of rippin our hemets off, there were already twice helmets were ripped off and when it looked like we were about to snap we controlled ourselves, I did state it happens and bro ur a chump postin like you did. I told everybody and will say it again the Renegades are not chumps. If you think you are goimg to come out here and do dirty fight causing things loke rippin helmets jackon people in their chest about twisting someones head off 4 times, this time it wasnt jawing hell nobody even talked shit between the two reams. One of their so called "Arena players" at corner kept gettin burnt and juked and his temper went to far. No football is not a game to fight, but if you think your gonna come intentionally throwin blows and we stand there gettin our ass kicked nah nah, we will defend ourselves no matter what. We understand that some people may not be controlled and the league will take care of those people. You see the thing you dont know is what 6 of us maybe look at supafans, so nobody knows all the talk on this board. We are reactive not active, come play good football without trying to fight all, because we will but what rules apply for us apply across the league so any fight will result in major suspensions. From now on we have a production camera we are using to record all games in detail. We ran 20 on 20 plays 10 plays each drive twice, each team had a fumble they had 2 but we just reset the ball and kept the drive going. At first it was fun, 98% of it was but they couuldnt controll their player very well, raaaaaahhh actin crazy. We will not fight in leaguue games because we dont want action maybe we will let people punk us if we score and keep winning in our league.

Re: indiana mustangs vs indy renegades

Attn: CRFL - send in your bums to provoke the Renegades best players. They are hot heads and cannot control their tempers and will get thrown out of every game. They will take themselves out of the game by doing something stupid. Renegades will not repeat this year, they would rather prove that they are not chumps by fighting rather than by beating the crap out of other teams on the scoreboard.

Re: indiana mustangs vs indy renegades

Jeremy Bell,
I will caution you and your entire team. If you have read and understand the by-laws, you should understand that you are representing the CRFL whether or not you are playing a league sanctioned game.

The rules are there for a reason, and actions that cause us to question the behavior of a team, or an individual who represents this league, no matter what uniform is being worn, will be looked at in detail. If the league deems it necessary to take action, it will as id also detailed in the by-laws.
These rules are not in place to punish actions as much as they are to prevent them form occuring in the first place, and protect the league, its member teams, and their players.

To all players who are representing the CRFL, I personally wish you the best of luck this season, and look forward to seeing all of you at some point doing what you do on the football field. For the players in all the other leagues...I wish you the same luck and success. Everyone of us should count our blessings everytime we get to lace up our cleats, put on the helmet and shoulder pads.

This is truly a unique opportunity we have and we need to be thankful for it.

Now strap 'em up and get ready, the season is only days away!!!!!!!

Wayne R Wolf
Commissioner, CRFL

Re: indiana mustangs vs indy renegades

All Renegades players, please hold your comments. This topic has turned into a circus show and there are some people who are trying to make our team the main act. Please don't respond to any topics about the Renegades, you are only enabling them.