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4th of july. Break down!!!

Ok thought I do somthing for this 4th of july.
torndaos: one of the best team in the country with very strong db core. Need to do less talking if they want to be indiana team. Love this team

Naptown scorpoins : small in number but big in heart. With a good running back in coach. This will not be there year but in 2 years they will be a force if they stay together.

Indianapolis saints : i know alot of player left this team but the team if even better then before. Good offense need a little help on defense. They played very well against a #18 rank derby city thunder defense. Lots of new player. In cant forget about this offense of line. They started oof slow but 2nd half they came out to play.

indiana mustang : lot of new player could be a good team. Need more leader on this team. Better then last year. Good new d ends.

Indiana cutter : good team all around need better oline or to work with them more. I like the big fb/rb in #42 good player.

Place what you think about team that i list or that i didn't. Torndaos @saints saturday in naptown scorpions @ pride of texas

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Re: 4th of july. Break down!!!

not commenting about your post but dang...
naptown scorpions @ pride of texas

Now thats that Road trip....

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Re: 4th of july. Break down!!!

Scorpions play Goshen Rampage this Saturday. They play pride of Texas July 30 but I hear Texas got kicked out of league.