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Indianapolis VIPERS vs indianapolis TORNADOES

Saturday the indianapolis tornadoes played the indianapolis vipers. this game met something for both teams. Tornadoes will have home field if the win this game.

Ok vipers had the ball first. Score on a 62 yard pass. To the vipers speedy WR #10 in they went for two in didnt get it. Then the vipers came out with a onside kick in recovered the ball. NOW WE HAVE A BALL GAME!!! the vipers had the ball on there on 40 yard line. After 8 plays they had to punt. The torndoes got the ball in good field postion. Running the ball down field using there one two punch #32 in #34 but was limited to only a 30yard fieldgoal. The vipers defense was in the back field EVERY PLAY but heres the the thing. They CANT TACKLE!! This game could have been turned around if the would of made these tackle i mean MAN every single running play the running back was hit in the back field but bad tackling = #32 in #34 having a field day. Bad snaping also hurted the vipers. The tornadoes got a safey that made in 6-5 vipers. Then the vipers first in second QB was injured so they wr. Had to play. They tornadoes saw that they cant tackle so they used there running game in used it well. The tornadoes did a great job. They are well coach in a older team. Vipers gave to tornados there hardest game of the season. But the tornados are just good . I love this tornado team .they came back in won a game like a true chamption. Vipers play a game they should be proud of .


Would like to to do something new. Key players of the game
TORNADOS: #48 #34 #32 #72 #7 #56 #10 #13

Vipers: #10 #20 #5 #23 #55 #1 #64 #2

My top #8 performers from each team. I looked at the film to pick these players. In will be posting picks on my website that only contain semi pro football videos


Re: Indianapolis VIPERS vs indianapolis TORNADOES

Thanks for this. In the future, please post these scores and details in the title thread- not separately like this.

Re: Indianapolis VIPERS vs indianapolis TORNADOES

First of all, hat's off to the Vipers... way to hold yourselves together in times of adversity... Your play reflected that... Good luck with the rest of the season - gaurantee if you stay together, you'll reap the benefits next season...

The REAL Recap is below (kinda hard to decifer whats real from the fabrications above... this should make it clear)

Re: Indianapolis VIPERS vs indianapolis TORNADOES

The reason we continued to run the ball wasn't because "they couldn't tackle". We ran the ball because they went with a 3 man front and nickelback (3-3-5). They eventually came out of that and went to a 4-3-2, but their OLB were torn between playing the run inside and staying in the 1st window(slant window). They could have gone to a 4-4 cover 3 but then we would have used our speed on the outside stressing out their corners, and still keeping pressure on their OLB to cover the flats. There are other ways to attack the 4-4-3, but with our speed and size it was just a match-up problem for them. Honestly their game-plan defensively was reasonable, we just executed well scoring on 6 of 7 possessions I believe. The game seemed to fly by.

I do want to make mention of the intensity the Vipers came out with. Despite all the drama that appears to be surrounding them, they came out and were ready to play. Hats off to them, they appeared to be a different team mentality wise, than the first time we played them.

-#16 Tornados

Re: Indianapolis VIPERS vs indianapolis TORNADOES

I thank the Tornadoes owner staff and team you guys are a touch of class and very respectful Thank you coach Gardner Johnson of The Indianapolis Vipers