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week 2 crfl who ya got winning

revolution@knights, raiders@cardinals, stallions@blitz, crush@renegades, force@vipers bye:warriors

Re: week 2 crfl who ya got winning


Re: week 2 crfl who ya got winning


Re: week 2 crfl who ya got winning

As talented as the Knights may be this year, they are young, however hungry for a win. They have a QB that can be rattled if you get to him. Coach Spradlin will have the Revolution ready, and I know they will travel well. Revolution will score early and then keep pounding away with their talented running backs. Revolution win a tough clean game.

Raiders and Cardinals, both coming off home wins, will not be sneaking up on anyone this year, these teams play physical football, and by no doubt will play the full 60 minutes. Cardinals win by 10 plus.

Stallion vs. Blitz, my pick for the CRFL game of the week. Blitz play a smash mouth style of football on both sides of the ball, and a gutsy performance last week vs. The Midwest Force on the road have them wanting a win. The Stallions opened up at home vs. a Warriors team that is still gelling together. The Stallions have some serious athletes, let's just hope they travel well. I'm gonna say Blitz win, but the margin will be slim and it will come down to the 4th quarter.

Crush vs. Renegades...this game will be ugly. Renegades win at home, big.

UPSET SPECIAL: Force at Vipers. Oh my, this is gonna be a doozy. The Vipers have better coaching, The Force has better ownership, the game is at Vipers, but a large amount of Force players' hometown. I know this, both teams have great athletes, however I think it will come down to just a few things. Who will win the turnover battle, who will keep their heads on straight and focus without playing dirty or being penalized, and ball control. Both teams can run and throw, both teams can hit, and both teams have to win this game. If the Vipers can hold it together against a tough Force team, they win late. I'll go with the Vipers, and I'll give a score for this one...Vipers 27 Force 20.

Good Luck fellas, I have a fishing trip this weekend so I will not be back till Monday. Remember, have fun and keep it clean.

Re: week 2 crfl who ya got winning

Just want to say have a safe trip to the game Revolution, it was nice talking to you guys while you were scouting us and the Vipers. To Mr. Smart thanks for the compliments, especailly for the young part although I know it was definetly not directed at me . Anyway again have a safe trip Revolution and we will see you on Saturday.

Re: week 2 crfl who ya got winning

Revolution @ Knights
I see Spradlin having his squad ready to go when they travel to play the Knights. I also see this game being very one sided, in favor of the Revolution.

Prediction: Revolution 42-12

Raiders @ Cardinals
Very interesting matchup in Fort Wayne. I see the Raiders playing very tough on D, but not having enough fire power on the offensive side to be too competitive. I expected more out of the Cardinals last week, but it was a win regardless.

Prediction: Cardinals 31-20

Stallions @ Blitz
After one game, the Stallions seem to have playmakers all over the field. They scored 4 different ways last week vs the Warriors (run, pass, pick 6, kick off ret). The Blitz, however, only had one offensive TD last week vs the Force (the other on a fumble rec). The Blitz are a hard nosed team who will not back down. I see this one coming down to special teams.

Prediction: Stallions 21-14

Crush @ Renegades
A difficult game for the Crush this week. Traveling to Indy may be a daunting task for this squad and even if they travel well, I see the Crush getting just that, crushed. Easy win for defending champs.

Prediction: Renegades 50-6

Force @ Vipers
Bad blood between these teams provides a lot of intrigue here. The Vipers are coming off a blowout of a young, very inexperienced Knights team, while the Force are trying to keep their momentum going after a hard fought last second win vs the Blitz. Several playmakers for both teams. I see this one being won in by the big hungrys up front.

Prediction: Force 42-14

To everyone, good luck this weekend! Hope everyone has a fun, safe game Saturday!

Re: week 2 crfl who ya got winning


Re: week 2 crfl who ya got winning

Just wanted to say thanks to the Knights for their kind words we cant wait to make the trip. The knights do have a great group of guys that are young and will be gaining experience each week.

Also just wanted to say good luck to all teams this week. The CRFL had a great week last week. Stay safe and have some fun out there guys.