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CRFL Week 3 Predictions - July 23, 2011

So I fared pretty well on my week 2 predictions, going 4-0. Here's my picks for week 3.

Dark Knights @ Crush
An early season pillow fight! Here are two 0-2 team trying to grab their first W. I see the inexperience coming into play during this contest, with the winner being the team who wins the turnover battle.

Prediction: Dark Knights 26-8

Revolution @ Vipers
I'm not sure if the Vipers thought they had their week 2 contest in the bag when they kicked off last weekend, but the Force had other ideas. A blowout win followed by a blowout loss has the Vipers as a toss up for me. The Revolution did exactly as expected, although allowing more point than I thought. I see this one as a surprise shootout.

Prediction: Revolution 38-31

Raiders @ Blitz
Granted officials actually show up this week, this should be a hard fought game. The Raiders had the tough luck of breaking in a new QB vs a talented Cardinals squad. The last we saw the Blitz, they had just lost a last-second heartbreaker to the Force on the road. Both teams are hard nosed, this one should be fun.

Prediction: Blitz 20-12

Cardinals vs Warriors
Maybe a year hiatus has done the Cardinals well. A dominant 2-0 start have the boys from Fort Wayne as an early season favorite in Indiana. The Warriors last saw the field in a 28-14 loss at the hands of the Stallions. If the Warriors can take care of the ball I see this one being close, if not this may get ugly.

Prediction: Cardinals 30-21

Renegades @ Force
The Force return home to host the defending champion Indy Renegades in what should be a hard fought, no pun intended, game. The Renegades, who used their preseason games and last week as UFC events, are battling more than an opposing team. The Force are coming off a blowout victory over their rival Vipers giving them a lot of momentum coming into this one. Cooler heads will prevail in this one.

Prediction: Force 27-8

The Stallions will spend their BYE week working OT to make their money back from wasted gas on their drive to the Blitz.

Good luck CRFL!

Re: CRFL Week 3 Predictions - July 23, 2011

Here we go for week 3

Dark Knights @ Crush
Knights surprised me with how many points they scored this past week or maybe they are getting better like I said. The Crush will continue to get better every week as well. I seen them play and they play together whether they are up or down. Have to go with the home team on this one.
Crush 34 Knights 20

Revolution @ Vipers
The Revolution offense did just what I thought it would do but their defense ran out of gas in the 3rd quarter allowing the Knights to score 3 TD's. As for the Vipers be careful what you wish for. All that talking just got the Rhinos ready for you. Lets see if they can shut up and play this week. I'm see this as a fight to the end.
Revolution 38 Vipers 26

Raiders @ Blitz
Maybe I gave the Raiders to much credit last week. If they want a win this week they will have to show up in full force ready to do battle. The Blitz got an unplanned bye week and will be Healthy and ready to go 15 rounds of punch you in the mouth football. Give this one to the home team.
Raiders 12 Blitz 28

Cardinals @ Warriors
Okay Cardinals did it again. This team is no fluke. Everyone better hope that they don't get better with each week or this will be a titian in the making. Great D with an O that scores at will. As for the Warriors they have talent just not sure they have a game plan. Better get your popcorn ready.
Cardinals 48 Warriors 17

Renegades @ Force
Renegades can't tell what they want yet. Do they want to be a football team or a bunch of thugs. Week 1 went smooth, week 2 not so much another called game. How long until the league says enough is enough, only time will tell. They better bring their A game if they want to finish this week (will be called because of another fight? prove us wrong boys). The Vipers have awoken a sleeping giant but can the Force keep up that dominating attitude? Have to go with the home team on this one.
Renegades 22 Force 38

There you have it. It's going to be blistering hot out there guys take care of your bodies and play smart.

Re: CRFL Week 3 Predictions - July 23, 2011

After a weekend of no fish wanting to jump on my hook, and eathing some crow...I'll try to make some picks...

Dark Knights @ Crush--The Crush started both games on the road, and the shape of their character has been formed. Crush win at home by 2 TDS

Revolution @ Vipers--Vipers are done. You stop #2, or just slow him down, and hit the QB you'll win. Coach Spradlin will have his boys ready. Revolution by 13 plus.

Raiders @ Blitz--A good game of country boys playing football. Blitz win a low scoring game, late.

Cardinals @ Warriors---Warriors have not won a game, Cardinals are on a roll. That's why I'll pick the Warriors winning a nail biter late.

MY PICK FOR GAME OF THE WEEK: Renegades @ Force--Speed, Size, Athletes, and Hitting--This is going to be a dandy. Force win, BARELY, 29-28...Thinking about heading up to Houston to watch this one.

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Re: CRFL Week 3 Predictions - July 23, 2011

Knights @ Crush
As mentioned earlier the pillow fight of the week these two teams will be competing not to say they are the worse team in Ohio

Knights 21 Crush 10

Revolution @ Vipers
Force knocked the fangs right off of the these snakes last week and proved if you can stop #2 Taylor Vance they look more like earth worms. Rumors have spread of many players quitting the team as well. Look for the same outcome as last week

Revolution 42 Vipers 10

Raiders @ Blitz
Both teams are hard nosed and this game maybe a scrap the whole time. Blitz win at the end do to lack of numbers by the Raiders-Game of the Week in Indiana

Blitz 14 Raiders 10

Cardinals @ Warriors
Cardinals look "on to the next" #SwissBeatVoice

Cardinals 35 Warriors 7

Renegades @ Force
Force have shown that every team has to come prepared. If the gades can stop the Force's onslaught of running-backs and the deep ball the Renegades might have a chance. However the Renegades lose their starting quarterback do to CRFL-UFC Fight Night Week 2
-Game of the Week Ohio

Renegades 24 Force 42

Re: CRFL Week 3 Predictions - July 23, 2011

Can't help adding my two cents, since my actual bank account doesnt have much more than that.

Just one pick here- Upset special -

Crush over Knights