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CRFL Week 4

Figured that since I will be gone this week I would get my picks out early. Doing good so far only missed 1 pick in the last 3 weeks.

Blitz VS Revolution:

The Blitz held down the home front last week with another hard fought ground attack. The Revolution going under the radar so far have quietly ran out to a 2-0 start and sources say they have got that passing attack going now, you better hope not their ground attack is enough to drive you mad. Have to go with the home team on this close one.
Blitz 20 Revolution 31

Knights VS Stallions:

The Knights had a horrible week not only on the score board with a blowup on the sidelines getting the game called. If they want to get a W this year they need to focus their efforts to the football field. The stallions coming off a bye week look to get back to work. Have to go with the Stallions in this one.
Knights 12 Stallions 26

Cardinals VS Renegades:

(Game of the Week)
The Cardinals have come to play this season but this will be their first real test on the road this week. If they travel well and play like I know they can they should come out of this 4-0. The Renegades let a close one slip away this week, but they played a clean game and aside from 1 player "throwing punches" played football. This is an important week for them. Will they come together and get back to .500 or will they implode and get off to a horrible start at 1-3 and find themselves looking up from the bottom in Indiana. Have to go with the unbeaten on this one.
Cardinals 17 Renegades 12

Force VS Warriors:

The Force squeaked by this week but a win is a win can the boys in purple keep it going? The Warriors are wondering what went wrong last week but put up a fight to the end. If they can put together a good game plan and fight for every yard this might just be an upset in the making. Have to go with the Force in this one just look to consistent to let it slip away.
Force 37 Warriors 22

Vipers VS Crush:

The Vipers are getting the numbers now but as they found out last week that's not all that matters. Their only win came on the road, can they do it again? The Crush had a huge win last week but the Knights had 15 players and a lot of problems on the sidelines. If they want a win this week they must put the win behind them and come out firing on all cylinders. Have to go with the home team here.
Vipers 16 Crush 38

There you have them. Play smart, play safe, and have fun boys.

Re: CRFL Week 4

Blitz @ Revolution
The Blitz coming off a squeeker against the Raiders will be looking to stop the locomotive that is the Revolution. At times, the Vipers speed and power seemed to move the ball well on the Revolution. The Blitz do not have that speed the Vipers have, but in typical Blitz fashion, they will pound the ball all day.

Prediction: Revolution 23-16

Knights @ Stallions
The Knights seemed to take their frustrations out on themselves last week, which is not a good sign. The Stallions should be ready to go after a two week hiatus, again, not a good sign for the Knights. Another bad week for the Knights.

Prediction: Stallions 41-6

Cardinals @ Renegades
We all know the Cardinals have the offense that WILL score points, and a defense that's only given up 12 points in 3 games. Impressive. The defending champs have dropped 2 of 3 so far. Not impressive. With the Renegades QB coming off suspension, we know he will be chomping at the bit to get back in the game. Too bad for the Renegades, the Generals are not on a bye.

Prediction: Cardinals 20-8

Force @ Warriors
The Warriors may have just not hit stride yet or have just fallen victim to two superior teams thus far. The Force, barely beating the Renegade, will be looking for a 4-0 start heading into a bye. Just as a note, this will be the Force's first "long" road trip. How will they travel? My guess: Very well.

Prediction: Force 34-8

Vipers @ Crush
The Vipers are hurting... badly. Their only win (38-6) was against the Knights who just lost 54-0, and followed it up with a 41-12 & 35-20 loss in consecutive weeks. Crush either got really good in a week, or the Knights are just that bad. They're still a question mark for me so far. This one may be surprising.

Prediction: Vipers 27-12

Good luck to everyone in the CRFL next week!

Re: CRFL Week 4

Too bad for us the Generals aren't on a bye?

Get your facts straight before you post garbage like that, trying to bring my team down. One Generals player (Goode) was there on our sideline in street clothes watching the game, but none played in the game. Crossroads Guy (real name please) if you have any questions about our roster you can always look on the crfl website. You can contact any of our team reps, our coach, or you can email me. I put my real name and email on my posts, son.

Hats of to the Force for a good game this past weekend. It was a pretty tough defensive slug fest and I hope we get to play again in the post-season.

Lucas Howard
#59 DL

Re: CRFL Week 4

hey crossroads guy the cardinals d has only gave up 6 points

Re: CRFL Week 4

Wrong. Gave up 6 in week 1 had a shut out in week 2 and gave up another 6 in week 3, 6+6=12. Thanks for playing!

Re: CRFL Week 4

To split hairs.... in week one it really wasn't against the Defense because the 6 was scored by returning a missed field goal. So yes 12 points have been put up on us but really only 6 on the Defensive unit...

Re: CRFL Week 4

Well I guess its my turn....

Blitz @ Revolution

I hate to be a broken record here but we all know how tough of a defense the Blitz have. The Revolution allowed the Vipers to put up 20 points against them and the Vipers will be under .500 until the Southern Ohio Wolfpack season is done

Blitz 20 Revolution 13

ADK @ Stallions

Turmoil in Dark Knight camp? This one is simple the Stallions are coming off a 2 week bye

ADK 0 Stallions 35

Cardinals @ Renegades

This is an interesting game. It appears that the Renegades have realized that this ist ultimate fighter and started playing football again. Cards have made statements to "Fly High of get Flown Under." Definitely game of the week material.

Cards 28 Renegades 35

Force @ Warriors

Can the Force travel well up to Bourbon In.? If they do which most believe they will look the Force to continue to roll

Force 35 Warriors 3

Vipers @ Crush

Vipers have talent in the backfield. The problem with them is everywhere else. The quarterback throws rainbow passes and they have a tiny line which plays both ways. The crush got their first W on the season this week too bad it was against ADK.

Vipers 14 Crush 20

Re: CRFL Week 4

Blitz @ Revolution
Sorry Raber's boys, Captain Jack Spradlin will have all hands on deck for this one.
Revo prevail 27-13

Dark Knights @ Stallions
Unless the Stallions challenge the Dark Knights to a classic LARPing event, Delphos, I mean, Ada, oops, Allen Co does not stand a chance here.
Stallions gallop to victory 32-6

Cardinals @ Renegades
Indy: 2 losses, combined 3 points. Heartbreaking. What even more heartbreaking for the Renegades? The Cards are "Flying Over" their hang gliding counterparts this year. Cards give up season high points, but soar to another victory 22-12

Force @ Warriors
The Warriors have been battle tested, and failed miserably twice thus far. The guys of Houston, Ohio have won 2 close calls and a blowout. Warriors shout "THIS IS TRITON" while blowing out the previously undefeated Force 42-8

Vipers @ Crush
The orange soda crew from New Carlisle SHOULD have a field day with Mista Hoard's squad in Miami Co. Assuming the Vipers travel well, oh who am I kidding.
Kel's favorite team Crushs the boys of Piqua 34-14

Hope you've enjoyed my insight to this upcoming weeks games! Now let us PLAY BALL!

Re: CRFL Week 4

Howard #59 ur right no generals were playin in that game .... A few of my best friends play for the gades and I was there to support Indy and help some friends get to the game... This whole thing about generals playing this retarded

Re: CRFL Week 4

I think everyone realizes that the Generals werent playing in the game. If they had been playing it would have been a blow out victory.

Re: CRFL Week 4

WHO CARES.....see how easy that was!


Re: CRFL Week 4

thanks riha. and i second that motion

Re: CRFL Week 4

The Vipers will be ok. they have gotten there running game together. The QB will be just fine, i seen him pick a couple teams apart, there biggest problem is there Offensive and Defensive line. The QB has no time to throw and alot of there running backs get tackled in the backfield. I heard there coach is suppose to be a good linemen but he didnt do anything worth talking about against the Revolution. Besides that there safety #0 get destoryed in the passing game.. It a shame to have that talent on the team with no direction.