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GDFL Top 25 Rankings Post Week 8

GDFL TOP 25 Rankings 7/23

GDFL now has 12 unbeaten teams GDFL now has 12 unbeaten teams

Cougars and Hornets Fall in Latest GDFL Top 25
Top 10 losses provide shifting and moving

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Updated Tue, 26 Jul 2011 10:44:25 CT

ATLANTA, GA - As the GDFL prepares for Week 9 action, the latest rankings were released by GDFL President Charles Thompson via Facebook Tuesday morning July 26th. There was a shift in the Top 10 as the Virginia Cougars and Beaufort Hornets fell not only from the ranks of the unbeaten but also from the Top 10. The Cougars, coming off a 41-14 loss to the now-No.13 Hampton Road Hurricanes, took a deep fall 16 spots to No.21. The Beaufort Hornets fell 12 spots to No. 22 after their nail-biting 14-13 loss to the now-No.15 Palmetto Havoc. There are now only 12 unbeaten teams in the GDFL, with the No.12 Buckeye Bearcats again being the lowest ranked unbeaten team. Of the ten one-loss teams, none are ahead of an unbeaten team.

Also in the Top 5 the Indianapolis Tornados and Kentucky Wolverines flip-flopped spots with the Tornados now at No.3 and the Wolverines at No.4. The Wolverines escaped the jaws of defeat sliding by the Clarksville Eagles 21-20 in Week 8, just enough for the Tornados to leapfrog them. The Henry County Horsemen also benefited as they moved up to No.5 and are in the Top 5 for the first time in their GDFL history.

The Columbus Gladiators and Chambersberg Cardinals make their Top 10 debut with the Glads coming in at No.9 and the Cards at No.10.

The New Jersey Stags enter the Top 25 for the first time this season pulling up the rear at No.25 after the Naptown Scorpions stay in the Top 25 was brief after falling out after a 34-2 loss in Week 8 to the Indianapolis Tornados.The Scorpions were the only team to fall out this week. The No.23 Texas Exclusive, No.24 Florida Falcons and No. 25 New Jersey Stags are the three two-loss teams in the Top 25.

The Week 9 Game of the Week will again pit Top 20 opponenst when the No.2 Oklahoma Thunder host the No.16 Dallas Diesel this weekend.

Below are the full rankings....

1. Carolina Warriors
2. Oklahoma Thunder
3. Indianapolis Tornados
4. Kentucky Wolverines
5. Henry Co. Horsemen
6. Fayetteville Horizon
7. Carolina Bulldogs
8. South Georgia Noles
9. Columbus Gladiators
10. Chambersberg Cardinals
11. Derby City Thunder
12. Buckeye Bearcats
13. Hampton Roads Hurricanes
14. Clarksville Wulfpack
15. Palmetto Havoc
16. Dallas Diesel
17. Jefferson Co. Warriors
18. Asheville Grizzlies
19. Georgia Jets
20. Louisiana Bayou Vipers
21. Virginia Cougars
22. Beaufort Hornets
23. Texas Exclusive
24. Florida Falcons
25. New Jersey Stags

Re: GDFL Top 25 Rankings Post Week 8

Wow. The Tornados are ranked 3rd in the "Mighty" GDFL? They arent even top 3 in their state! I would pick the Generals, Noble County Wolfpack and the West Central Wildcats over them!
If the Tornados played the Generals: Generals by 20+
If the Tornados played the Wildcats: Wildcats by 10+
If the Tornados played the Wolfpack: Wolfpack by 10+
If the Tornados played the Cutters : Tornados by 14+
If the Tornados played the Renegades:Tornados by 24+

Indiana Rankings should be:

1.) Indiana Generals
2.) West Central Wildcats -10
3.) Noble County Wolfpack -3
4.) Indianapolis Tornados -7
5.) Indiana Cutters -17

I'm not trying to hate on the Tornados, but I have seen them play....not impressive. So to have them ranked so high in this amazing league: Says one of two things.
A.) Their schedule is super soft and they haven't played any real competition, and when they do, they will lose.
B.) The competition they play and will play is super soft and the league prefers quantity over quality.

A + B = My choice.

You might not like what I wrote, but if you take an unbiased look at it, you will see it is the truth.

Re: GDFL Top 25 Rankings Post Week 8

@ Wow. Easy to the game and find out different.


Re: GDFL Top 25 Rankings Post Week 8

And...... everybody has an here is mine. I hear plenty of talk about the Tornados on here. Damn what you are talkin' bout the GDFL. Frankly I can care less, but let's speak on the Tornados. You act like we duckin you cats....negative! We have an open challenge out to anyone who wants to get down. Check the board. We called out the whole state. Who stepped up. Those that did know they did. Props to the Revolution and Renegades for doing just that. Stepped to the plate. Where were these other teams that you speak of. All they had to do is show up. Hell we would have come to you. All this chatter now and NONE OF YOU STEPPED UP. Props to the Generals, we scrimmaged. Some of you don't get it though. THAT'S WHY YOU ARE HATIN'. We do community stuff...been doing it, but all you can do is hate. Look at the positive or keep our name out ya mouth. Try that!


PS. Market your squad the way you want and we will do ours. There is a difference in what you get out of us, but you don't see that because YOU ARE HATING! Do your part to make this level better but don't try to tear somebody else's house down. Better yet "OPEN INVITE, bring it to the field!

Re: GDFL Top 25 Rankings Post Week 8

And in comes the Trumpets followed by the cries of crows.... Thank you, thank you for all the compliments....

Indianapolis Tornados (been there done that)...

the rest of the State... (trying to do that in which has arleady been done by the Indianapolis Tornados)

Not sure what else I can say... My agenda has never been to make sense of simple minded people...

We're #1 in the State because I said so... thats how simple minded these comments are...

Re: GDFL Top 25 Rankings Post Week 8

Maybe for once people should talk about who is better at doing things for the community rather than who is the better team!!! What you fail to see is the positive impact these teams have on people that are involved with them. Teams like the Tornados and the In Mustangs have been at this game for a long time and have shown what they can do on the field, but MOST importantly what they can do off.

This game should be our "vehicle" to make a difference in the community and actually touch people in a positive way.

Im a tell me I am 2nd or 3rd best at community involvement then I will want to do what I can to be #1. Im sure I'm not the only one either.

Re: GDFL Top 25 Rankings Post Week 8

I don't know alot about the Tornados, but I do know the Generals are very legit. The West Central Wildcats played them very tough in a 20-11 pre-season game loss. And the Wildcats just beat the Cutters 49-0 last weekend. I think your assesment is ok, but It's really hard to tell unless teams face each other. The WIldcats may be the 2nd best team in the state-the Generals game was very competitive. Would be an interesting rematch. Interesting post though..

Re: GDFL Top 25 Rankings Post Week 8

Well Trigg i will be Honest i have been to the East Coast ,West Coast, North & South.If i mention their is minor league team in Indiana the first team name out of their mouth is the Indianapolis Tornadoes everyone agrees that your organization is noting but class and very Competitive. No disrespect to anyone else but no one can even name another organization out of Indiana, on the West Coast or in alot of other Southern Cities or on the East Coast other than The Tornados . But they due know who the Indianapolis Colts are!!!!