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GDFL All-Star Selection Sunday

All-Star Selection Sunday July 31st kicking off at 2 PM Live on Twitter@THEGDFL, official source for GDFL news, schedules, stats, scores and more.


Re: GDFL All-Star Selection Sunday

All Star Selections still in progress

GDFL All Star Selections In Progress
Xtreme and Impact Conference Team Selections

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Posted Mon, 01 Aug 2011 22:46:53 CT

ATLANTA, GA - Much anticipation has been made towards the All Star team selections more than the casual person would think when it comes to an "All Star Game". Well being selected to play in the GDFL All Star game is serious business with the talent and solid football being played across the league. Much as team zone in on the playoffs and making that last season run, the player are also looking to pull away and show they will be a factor down the stretch. It's August and the final weeks of the regular season are now and the playoffs are knocking on the door, all stars lift there teams in ways that cannot always be defined. Walking into a playoff battle with an All Star with a sound and focused team is a solid edge all want to posses.

Who are the all stars, yes we want to know. The complete field is not set but 42 players have been selected so far. 23 from the Impact Conference and 18 from the Xtreme Conference.

Texas Exclusive have 4 representatives so far to lead out of the Impact Conference followed by a double boom of Thunder in 2 from Oklahoma and Derby City.

In the Xtreme, the Henry County Horsemen, Carolina Bulldogs, Beaufort Hornets, Palmetto Havoc and Atlanta Chiefs are represented with 2 players each.

Follow the All Star Selections on Twitter @THEGDFL

Recent selections, Donovan Russell (DFW Heat), Ivory Corker (Clarksville Wolpack) and David Cooper (Mississippi Raiders)