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Everybody PLEASE READ!

Ok so i drove all the way from evansville to ohio to watch the saints/indy vipers play the hawks to find out that both team has folded!! Im very upset to see a good group of young guys part ways. there players on that team that other team should pick up. Im sorry i have no name to give u but i have jersey #. #10 i call him the speed WR lol. He can out run im have lost of moves to work with maybe the best player in state just need a good old fashion QB. #23 ss i having seen him play much but,he's can start for any one of the team i seen so far. In if u need a offense of lineman #55 very good kid out plays the man in front of him every play very vocal player love to be hear but can back it up on the field. They have 2 RB #20 in #42 a good one two punch!! In #5 throw the ball up in he will get it. Lots of more player but im not home to pull out there number. i would love to see they young guy somewhere on the same team or else. In if anybody kno the names of these guy post them please. Now THE BIG QUESTION IS!!!! Which one of you vipers are going to give me my gas money back ha ha ha ha

The real semi pro fan website coming soon only containing semi pro football video of have the games this year. In yea GO TORNADOS

Re: Everybody PLEASE READ!

Yea the indy vipers do have good players on there team #10 is very good dont kno if i will say best player state but the vipers best player in the vipers #55 is good but talk to much in maybe he can back it up but shut up in play football.

Re: Everybody PLEASE READ!

Sorry for the cancellation of the game. Money and players not coming to practice became a major issue. I don't know about the other team but that's why we ended the season. The players above you mentioned are: darell harvey #10, roger #23, damon Willis #20, martell baker #42, damon price #5, and justin McAfee #55. All great players. Next year we will be playing in the CRFL as the Indianapolis Destroyers.