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CRFL Week 5

Another week in the books (got them all but the upset of the undefeated Cards)and we have a couple interesting match-ups this week.

Warriors (0-3) VS Blitz (1-2)

The Warriors have had a bad start facing all 3 undefeated teams early in the season. They have to turn it around now if they want a spot in the playoffs and this is the team they will be fighting for it. The Blitz must have thought they had a bye week this week and ran into a freight train. These two teams are in must wins to make the playoffs. I have to go with the home team in this one. As long as the Blitz can over come that destruction of last week they come out on top.
Warriors 13 - Blitz 22

Vipers (1-3) VS Cardinals (3-1)

Vipers fail again. If they plan on playing this fall they need to get things going now. Aside from one win against the Knights they have done nothing. Cardinals let a hard fought one escape them this week (3OT's didn't see that coming). Cardinals will look to show they are still a top team this week by crushing what spirit the Vipers have left. Have to go with the Birds eating those snakes in this one.
Vipers 0 - Cardinals 35

Revolution (3-0) VS Crush (2-2)

Revolution either are getting hotter or everyone else is taking them lightly. After smashing the Blitz into bits will they be game ready this week or riding to high and be brought back to earth? The Crush seem to have found their grove. With back to back beatings of sub .500 teams. They will be tested this week. Have to go with the undefeated this week in a very close game.
Revolution 20 - Crush 17

Knights (0-4) VS Raiders (1-2)

What can I say about the Knights other than they are trying. Keep your heads up boys any other team would have quit by now. Raiders are in a must win. They started the season with the upset of the returning champs only to fall flat in the weeks to come. There is still time for each team but I see the knights pulling off a close one at home.
Knights 22 - Raiders 27

Stallions (2-0) VS Renegades (2-2) (Game of the Week)

Stallions are going under the radar at 2-0 but I've seen these guys play and they are a championship threat. If they can travel well and are game ready they will come out on top. The Renegades got a great win this week that they really needed. Now that they are back to .500 can they continue to play smart football and leave the garbage off the field, if so they will find another W. Unfortinatly I see this ending in a called game with ejections (bad blood between the teams). Don't take it the wrong way I am proud of the Renegades these past two weeks. Prove me wrong boys.
Stallions 24 - Renegades 21 (with a fight) 35 (no ejections and no fights)

There you have it, play smart, stay safe, and have some fun out there.

Re: CRFL Week 5

Is the Cardinal-Viper game still happening? Words going round that many of the Vipers quit after the Crush game because the Viper owner about got into a fight with some of his own players on the field. With the low numbers they have a few guys quiting will leave them with no team.

Re: CRFL Week 5

Word is also that many of the players have contacted other CRFL teams in hopes of getting on a squad before roster deadlines. Its also on their Facebook page that everyone needs to bring $10 so they can pay for refs.....

Re: CRFL Week 5

the game is still going on. idk who said that but we will be there

Re: CRFL Week 5

Blitz VS Warriors. After the dissapointing loss the Blitz took Saturday, they will be looking to rebound strong. Blitz by 2 TD's.

Vipers VS Cardinals. The Cardinals lost a tough one and will be looking to get back in the win column. Unfortunately for the Vipers it appears as though they have some major internal issues and may not have enough to field a team the whole year. Cardinals win by 40+.

Revolution VS Crush. It appears that the Revo are in full stride after the win against the Blitz. I can honestly say I am shocked that the Blitz got beat like that so the Revo have caught my attention. The Crush also dominated their last opponent however it was the troubled Vipers. While the Crush are improving, the Revolution get the nod here. Revo by 3 TDs.

Knights VS Raiders. The Knights have heart but unfortunately heart won't win this game. Raiders by 30.

Stallions VS Renegades. The Stallions are wanting to prove they are a contender in the Ohio division and this game will tell us alot about the Stallions. The Renegades have had their ups and downs but have been in every game they played. Renegades win by 2 TDs.

Re: CRFL Week 5

Warriors @ Blitz
Hard hitting, defensive struggle here. Both teams coming off one sided defeats looking to get into that win column. Give this one to the Warriors.

Prediction: Warriors 18-12

Vipers @ Cardinals
News flash: Vance Taylor won't be the fastest guy on the field in this one. With that said, the Vipers do not stand a chance. Vipers score late but get "Flown Over" in this contest.

Prediction: Cardinals 42-6

Revolution @ Crush
This may be the most intriguing game of the week. The Cursh have won their past two games 84-0. VERY impressive. The Revolution have allowed 26 from the Knights and 20 from the Vipers. Back to back shut outs vs the Isom boys. Definitely will be exciting.

Prediction: Revolution 30-24 OT

Knights @ Raiders
Knights have been beaten 38-6, 54-0, 26-6.. Not very good. However, all the Raiders have done is defeat the Renegades in Week 1, and follow it up with consecutive losses to Cardinals and Blitz.

Prediction: Knights 7-6

Stallions @ Renegades
Stallions will be finally tested. We'll see exactly what kind of team they are.

Prediction: Renegades 31-14

Re: CRFL Week 5

Week 5 Picks

Warriors @ Blitz

Warriors are having internal issues with players and coaches quitting in middle of the game. Look for the Blitz to rebound on this one

Warriors 14 Blitz 35

Vipers @ Cardinals

Enough said. The Cardinals are pissed with the loss and the Vipers will be their punching bag. This could be the end for the Vipers season too.

Vipers 0 Cardinals 49

Revolution @ Crush

Crush are rolling but can their D stop the Isoms? This one is a nail biter I have two score in mind but I guess I'll choose one. Isoms have a field day

Revolution 42 Crush 28

Knights @ Raiders

Knights have obviously have placed the round table at the end of the pack and are happy to remain their until Merlin and King Arthur return........

Knights 7 Raiders 21

Stallions @ Renegades

Bad blood will make this the game of the week. Im not a betting man but if I were Id bet benches clear. Renegades strength is their line. Lets see what the Stallions are made of

Stallions 14 Renegades 21