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CRFL Week 5 Real Deal

So far I am 13-1 on predictions with my only losss the Renegades vs Force. Week 4 was full of great games even a tripple OT game. This week we go even deeper into the season some in must win mode.

Warriors (0-3) VS Blitz (1-2)
The Warriors seem to be a little unlucky with the schedule but in seeing them play against the Revolution they just lack the depth to compete with bigger teams, this week may be one of their best opportunities to get the W. The Blitz truly let me down by giving up 41 to the Revolution but that was an earned score Ill have to say. So these two teams are literally on the same level but I am going to go with the Blitz
Blitz 20 Warriors 13 L
Vipers (1-3) vs Cardinals (3-1)
Cards impressed me with how well they play D. i see this one getting ugly due to them losing a tripple OT game to the Renegades. One safety and running back could be out for the Cards. If so eh cards still win big Cards 35 Vipers 7

Revolution (3-0) VS Crush (2-2)
Revolution as Randy Jackson would say IS IN IT TO WIN IT. Heres the deal the secret is out on what they do run run run run play action maybe a halfback pass here and there. The question is how to stop the Duo of the Isoms. Crush after getting beat by the Renegades won 2 big but I dont see the train stopping anytime soon for the Revolution. Unless they think they are truly the shit, as proven any given day I will venture to say its going to be close. Revolution 28 Crush 21

Knights (0-4) VS Raiders (1-2)
The Raiders are in a must win game and an opportunity. The knights while playing hard still cant get the first W Raiders 35 Knights 14

Stallions (2-0) VS Renegades (2-2) (Game of the Week) This week another game of the week, The Stallions are a ohio team that has talent due to football players bein bread in Ohio, The Renegades if recievers can hang onto some footballs and get their running game going may put it away, this week I am chosing the defending champs in another close one 17-14

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The Cards are going to lose!

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LMAO, I dont think the Cards have anything to worry about this week.

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I know I was just kiddin tryin to ruffle their feathers a bit hahaha