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CRFL Week 6

Wow what a week, missed a couple this week that I can honestly say I didn't see coming. Well here we go week 6.

Warriors (0-3-1) At Raiders (1-3)

Warriors brought their "new" team to the game this past week and done better but ended with the tie due to weather. Raiders took another hard loss to the Knights this week. Depending on how they respond will show us if they finish the season. Have got to go with the Warriors getting their first win in this one.
Warriors 17 - Raiders 6

Crush (3-2) At Force (4-1)

Crush, crushed the Revolution and showed they are in it to win it. They make the short trip this week to a statement game for Ohio. The Force are coming off a bye week and have had ample time to prepare. If the Force come in thinking they have this one in the bag they are dead wrong. Crush keep rolling this week.
Crush 36 - Force 22

Renegades (3-2) At Knights (1-4)

Renegades have turned things around and are back to championship form. With another win in the books they look to the "new" Knights team. The Knights have added so many players they had to let some of their original players go. They now have the talent and numbers to win but do they have the coaching? Renegades grind out another one on the road this week as long as they travel well and take the Knights as a threat. If not they fall flat.
Renegades 28 - Knights 21

Vipers (1-4) At Stallions (2-1)

Vipers are getting better each week but need to have a total team effort to stand a chance this week. The Stallions have to travel again this week and are looking to rebound from their first loss of the season. I look for the Vipers to respond at home this week after a great performance against the Cardinals last week and get the win.
Vipers 35 - Stallions 28

Revolution (3-1) At Cardinals (4-1) Game of the Week

Revolution, not sure what happened but they fell flat on their faces. I can say I didn't see this coming for a few more weeks. Can they shake off the dust and bounce back against a hard nosed Cardinals team. The Cardinals got back to the win column after taking out the Vipers at home. This game is for the top spot in Indiana at this point. I see this match up again in the playoffs. Cardinals pull off a close high scoring show down in this one at home.
Revolution 32 - Cardinals 38

Re: CRFL Week 6

With other leagues wrapping up their seasons and teams folding, it seems like a couple CRFL teams have benefitted from this. Here's my shot-in-the-dark picks for the week.

Warriors @ Raiders
Either the Raiders are falling apart as the season moves on, or the Knights just brought it last week. The Warriors gained old Shamrock players which should help their low numbers and production; however, the Shamrock was not too competitve themselves.

Prediction: Raiders 20-10

Crush @ Force
Through 5 games the Crush have showed two totally different teams. One team dropped the first two of the season (combined 59-20), and this "new" second team has outscored opponents 116-0 in their last 3. Kind of odd if you ask me. Nonetheless, the Force will approach this game the same way they have all season. A defensive struggle for both sides this weekend.

Prediction: Force 21-18

Renegades @ Knights
Another "new look" squad in Ada. One of a couple surprises last week by beating the Raiders. They appear to have come a long way from getting trounced by the Vipers 38-6 (who has not won since). Renegades have seemed to have found their stride, and regardless of who lines up across from them, I do not see them slowing down this week.

Prediction: Renegades 32-16

Vipers @ Stallions
The Vipers are the most talked about terrible team in semi pro football. They are 1-4 for a reason. Terrible chemistry, leadership, management and coaching has killed these guys. The Stallions met their first tough match of the season and came up short. Speedy back Taylor may cause some problems, but I see the Stallions getting back into the win column.

Prediction: Stallions 24-18

Revolution @ Cardinals
Who knows what happened with the Captain Jack Spradlin's crew last week?! 32-0 was something NONE of us imagined. I think the Crush may have been surprised as to how easy they shredded their D. Lining up across from them, a Cards team who was nearly "Flown Over" by the 1-4 Vipers. Both squads have something to prove to themselves and the league. Top two Indiana contenders square off in this one, should be a great contest.

Prediction: Cardinals 28-12

That is all! It has become more difficult to predict these games with all the sudden and drastic roster additions/subractions. Regardless, it should be an exciting weekend of CRFL football! Is it Saturday yet?! Play ball!

Re: CRFL Week 6

Week 6 is upon us here are my picks

Warriors @ Raiders

The Warriors or Shamrocks or whatever you want to call them make the long trip to Raider Nation. Look for this game to be hard fought as both teams have the same amount of talent, but gotta give the W to the home team
Warriors 14 Raiders 24

Ohio Crush @ Force

The Force are still trying to prove to the CRFL and to themselves that they are the top dogs in this league. The crush are old teammates and coaches of the Force and will probably try to use that to their advantage. With last minute additions look for this one to come down to the wire.

Crush 7 Force 14

Renegades @ Knights

More last minute additions to the Knights may keep this close but I dont think so. Have you ever brought a pillow to a sword fight?

Renegades 42 Kinghts 14

Vipers @ Stallions

Vipers put a fight up against the Cardinals last weekend but their quarterback got hurt. If the big fellow comes back and the owner shuts his mouth this may be a close one

Vipers 21 Stallions 24

Revolution @ Cardinals

Revolution got a wake up call this weekend. From what I heard they should have won the game which is hard to believe. Can Captain Jack rebound his team I would hope so with the amount of practice they do. Sorry though this is close but the Cards fly high

Revolution 14 Cards 24

Re: CRFL Week 6

my 2 cents, The CRFL site says the Vipers are at the Stallions on Sunday at 3.

Re: CRFL Week 6

correct we play them at their field Sunday instead of Saturday

Re: CRFL Week 6

whats the score for all the crfl games this week?

Re: CRFL Week 6 has all scores up to date