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So any explanatin as ti thr classlessneds if yout team not only disrespecting the wildcats but football and most importantly a gallen hero. Just admit you suck, thought you were playing a lesser team and got smoked. Not even top ten team in state. Starts at the very top with your idiot of an owner James stamper. Time to fold this team up. Longest running team in indy or not your a disgrace.

Re: SOPH57

I wasn't at that game, I'm moved out of state and can only sadly make a few games and still working on shoulder/hip injuries. Not sure what happened or what was going on. If you have questions e-mail me and I can get it to the proper person. Not going to get in a thing on here since I have no idea what happened. Although I can assure you that Stamper is not classless. Not fair to take a shot at a person you don't even know or haven't been around.